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Hardware Management Console

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Add Progress information to Update Memory of Logical Partition splash screen

When adding or removing Memory from a running LPAR, the time taken to complete the task and vary between a few seconds and many minutes. It would help if there was a progress indicator shown on the HMC Update Memory of Logical Partition splash scr...
11 days ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Submitted

Start/Stop/Restart HMC CLoud connector from GUI

HMC Admin with PEP 2.0 should be able to Start/Stopp and restart Power Enterprise Pool 2.0 Cloud connector from HMC GUI rather alway login into HMC via HMC
27 days ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Under review

Better troubleshooting when HMC doesn't display devices like disks when it should.

When the CMDB on the VIOS server is wrong, then the HMC simply does not display what you should see, and you have zero insight into why. We had issues with disks, missing UUIDs, or other errors. There should be a command, maybe a little more refin...
about 1 month ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Under review

Show NUMA Scoring of a LPAR in LPAR Overview as selectable field

in the Partition overview it would be helpful as a selectable column field to selecet NUMA Scoring and see how the scoring for all lpars for a power server is
about 1 month ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Under review

LPM Validation to check for available CPUs based on OS.

Hi team; we've seen that when you have IFL (Linux and VIOS cpus only) configured on your servers, LPM validation does not check for available AIX cpu resources on the target based on the os running lpar that you are moving. The validations takes i...
2 months ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Under review

mkviosbk - Possibility to break the mirror while backup

Hi Team, please give us the possibility to break the mirror while backing up the system - so we are able in case of DR to restore a previous mirrored system on a single disk. The way is described in this article:
2 months ago in Hardware Management Console 1 Future consideration

Security enhancement: log the source IP for success and failed login

We are sending hmc syslog to our log management server, and here is what we noticed: Unlike version 7 of the HMC, V10 does not log the IP in all cases, here is an example: Login result + Method = IP recorded (Yes or No) 1- Success Login + Using...
3 months ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Under review

Automated restore of VIOS Backup on new Disks from installios Command

In a case of DR (all VIOS disks failed) we want to do a restore of the full VIOS Backup on new Disks. If the Backup is done on a mirrored VG (what is the default case) the restore fails on new disks while they are not already in a vg and mirrored....
3 months ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Under review

CLI command to list LPAR description and Group tags

HMC V10R1 GUI allows you to define LPAR/VM description and group tags. This is wonderful feature specially on a multi-tenancy system. However, there is no CLI command to list this information. We use the CLI command for ease of reporting.
3 months ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Under review

Better LDAP integration in the HMC

We tried to use LDAP Remote User Management as authentication for the HMC.Unfortunately the way the attribute for the task role is implemented is not practical.It has to be possible to give a "cn" in a specified "ou" to look for the task role and ...
3 months ago in Hardware Management Console 1 Under review