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My ideas: Db2 for i

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create SQL Service like WRKJOBLOG e.g. JOB_LOG_INFO and REMOVE_JOB_LOG

using JOB_INFO one is able to find about job status. If there is high activity on a server, a lot of job logs are created. To clean up, one can use WRKJOBLOG, use filtering, and F13 to delete. Please provide SQL service for a) filtering and gettin...
almost 2 years ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 2 Future consideration

Improve tracking of what job is the client job for QSQSRVR jobs with ability to review over time

Today, a CPF9898 message is logged to the QSQSRVR job log with the server mode connecting job information. This is useful while the client is actively using the job, but it is insufficient to assess the overall workload on QSQSRVR jobs by the vari...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 1 Future consideration

UDTF returning dynamic resultset

Today stored procedures can return dynamic result sets. It will be appreciated if UDTF could have the same feature. Today you can only return a TABLE, you need however to define each column even though a cursor will contain the required informatio...
about 5 years ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 3 Future consideration

SQL Services should support audit journal & authority collection

Currently usage of IBM i Services (SQL) (e..g QSYS2.OUTPUT_QUEUE_ENTRIES_BASIC ) can fail with an authority failure without logging to the OS audit journal or showing up in authority collection. Per IBM support, this is working as designed. I'm co...
over 3 years ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 4 Future consideration

An IBM i Service for retrieving Netserver session details

The QSYS2.SERVER_SHARE_INFO service shows various details about the existing shares including the share name, IFS path, read/write status, and current number of users that are connected. However it does not give a view of who those users are. This...
about 2 years ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 1 Future consideration

Support for Application-Period Temporal Tables

System-period temporal tables are great, but "system-time" is not appropriate in many applications. Quoting from an article by Philip Nelson on DB2 Temporal Support - A Practical Introduction: Temporal support consists of two key concepts : system...
about 2 years ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 2 Future consideration

JavaScript (Node.js) as native stored procedure / UDTF language

Today we can use PL/SQL, java and any other ILE language to make stored procedures and UDTF in Db2. However new languages are being used for modern application ie javaScript within Node.js and Python to name a few - and and other languages from th...
almost 5 years ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 5 Future consideration

Provide FIELDPROC_ENCODED_COMPARISON QAQQINI function at column level

DB2 for i Field Procedures are primarily used for column level encryption. The defacto standard for encryption is AES. Ideally, encryption should not be deterministic. In other words, encrypting the same plain text multiple times should produce di...
8 months ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 3 Future consideration

Improve performance of REGEXP_xxx SQL functions

The REGEXP_SUBSTR and related SQL Regular Expression functions a great, but rely on external interfaces. The request is to figure out a way to make them perform better regardless of them being based on the eternal ICU library. In one-off situatio...
almost 2 years ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 2 Future consideration


One strength of relational databases is their constant vigilance over data correctness. The user can declare constraints that their data must obey, and then leave it to the database to enforce the rules. This saves a lot of procedural application ...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 3 Future consideration