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Languages - RPG

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RPG LE Level Break Subroutines for Free-format

We need RPG LE level break subroutines for use in free-format so that fixed-format C-specs do not need to be coded at all for level break processing. Currently I not only have to code a fixed-format F-spec and I-spec in order for the RPG Cycle to ...
about 7 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 8 Not under consideration

Allow Unabbreviated RPG Freeform Data Type Keywords

Please change the SQL precompiler, RPG compiler, and Rational Developer for i to also recognize and allow the unabbreviated forms of the RPG freeform data type keywords. Use Case: For example, ucs2 is fine as it is. But, allow: integer for intindi...
almost 6 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 1 Not under consideration

Divide the RPG manual into a fixed format and a free format version

For many years the RPG manual have described both the fixed format and the free format. As the years has passed the free format version of RPG has been more and more enhanced where the fixed format is more "steady". Now I feel that the manual is g...
over 7 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 3 Not under consideration

More than one statement per line

It would be nice to be able to put more than one statement per line in free format separated by the Semicolon. If X = 1; X=2; Else; X=3; EndIf; Would be an easy solution without changing the whole language to be similar to what other languages com...
over 4 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 4 Not under consideration

Declaration of like variables

Like Dcl-F/S/DS etc., it would be of great advantage to have a declaration type Dcl-Like. The format of Dcl-Like should be as under:Dcl-like [LikeReferenceField] [Field1 {inz}, Field2 {inz}, ..., FieldN {inz}] Use Case: 1. Dcl-Like would help redu...
about 6 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 3 Not under consideration

Same name for RPG built-in Functions and SQL functions.

I don't understand why some functions present in RPG and SQL have different name. For example, %TRIMR and RTRIM, %TRIML and LTRIM, %SUBST and SUBSTR. Please, create an RPG alias equal to SQL name. Use Case: Every time I use thats built-in function...
almost 8 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 2 Not under consideration

Relaxed string manipulation BIF's that respect SBCS, UCS and UTF-8.

Today we have nice features where we can get portions of character strings. However, especially with support of UTF-8, the number of bytes is not always equal to the number of characters. Also - trying to extract ranges of characters not within th...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 3 Not under consideration

Minimize the use of semicolons in free RPG

The function of semicolon as end-of-statement in free RPG could be optionally replaced by that of start-of-continuation-line. This way the end of a statement would be indicated by the newline character provided that the first non-blank character o...
over 6 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 5 Not under consideration

Allow TEMPLATE keyword for standalone fields

The template keyword allows data structures to be defined as a custom complex type simply for the purpose of defining other data structures with the same structure. Extending this to standalone variables will allow custom simple types to be define...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 2 Functionality already exists

Create BIF to move a numeric variable to character and retain leading zeros like the SQL DIGITS funtion

The existing way to move a numeric variable to a character variable and retain leading zeros is to use the %EDITC (with edit code of X) or %EDITW functions. This is a very cryptic way to accomplish the task and not at all intuitive. SQL has the DI...
almost 7 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 1 Not under consideration