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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against IBM Power Systems products, including IBM i. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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My ideas: AIX

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fcstat and underlying APIs - show fabric IDs

My storage team flipped out when I started including fabric IDs with my requests for zoning. It's available as HBA_PORTATTRIBUTES->FabricName from HBA_GetAdapterPortAttributes. Not sure why perfstat_fcstat_t wouldn't include it or provide anoth...
almost 3 years ago in AIX 3 Delivered

fcstat and underlying APIs - time series data

It would be great if fcstat could at least give time-series output (like vmstat, iostat, etc.) for at least one interface at a time. Having a "-a" flag (or similar) to get time-series performance/capacity data for all of the HBAs in the system at ...
almost 3 years ago in AIX 1 Delivered

Request the ability to set the XCOFF header timestamps generated by the linker to NULL

system:aix7200app:makeC++SharedLiblanguage:c++The 'makeC++SharedLib' app is a helper script that invokes the AIX ld linker (not the compiler), which is used to produce shared libraries, including *.ibmcpp files. When *.o files have no changes,ever...
almost 3 years ago in AIX 4 Delivered

LDAP client - cache additional attributes

Hi,I'd like to be able to cache more attributes in secldapclntd's cache than just the OS-defined user attributes like gecos, shell, ...My use case is that I have a script that currently looks up in LDAP (lsldap -a passwd <username>) for SSH ...
about 3 years ago in AIX 1 Delivered

Request to fix chauthent command

Running 'chauthent -std' or 'chauthent -k5 -std' willuncomment shell/kshell/login/klogin entries in inetd.conf and refresh inetd automatically. This behavior needs to change, to avoid inadvertantly activating non-secure or otherwise unwantedservic...
about 3 years ago in AIX 1 Delivered

New user controllable AIX parameters for unix domain socket buffer size

End-user : Hana Bank in KoreaOS : AIX v7.2Middleware : TMAX (TP Monitor) from TMAXSoft in KoreaClient's core banking application performance is getting worse as the size of application data that needs to be passed between those application process...
about 3 years ago in AIX 0 Delivered

AIX ftpd to use ciphers that need ECDH key exchange

To use FTP in a secure way, the ftpd daemon may use openssl ciphers (FTPS). But modern TLS 1.3 ciphers provided by openssl 1.1 using ECDH key exchange are not possible to be used with the ftpd. These new ciphers should be supported by the ftpd.
over 3 years ago in AIX 2 Delivered

Request change of default permissions

The /var/ct/RMstart.log is the logfile used by RMC and can contain sensitive data that must be secured. RMC provides a single monitoring and management infrastructure for both RSCT peer domains and management domains. Its generalized framework is ...
over 3 years ago in AIX 0 Delivered

support for the POSIX/pax tar format in tar

The AIX tar command is a little behind other implementations. It does not support any of the common archive formats which are nowadays being used on any other platform (Linux, MacOS, *BSD, SunOS, HPUX, etc.). $ /usr/bin/tar --help/usr/bin/tar: Not...
over 3 years ago in AIX 1 Delivered

hdisk name related to alt_disk_copy and bosboot

IBM should NOT permit altdiskcopy to run to disk names that are NOT supported by bosboot. Request fix via any method below:1. Update altdiskcopy to FAIL if disk name used is unsupported by bosboot.2. Update bosboot to support any disk name.3. Publ...
over 3 years ago in AIX 1 Delivered