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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against IBM Power Systems products, including IBM i. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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Remove host from cluster when removed from host_group

The host should be completely removed from the cluster when it is removed from a host_group. This would match the same action occurring with VMs - they are completely removed from the cluster when they are removed from a workgroup.
about 2 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 1 Planned for future release

Show DrTestPhase in workgroup query

Make "ksysmgr q workgroup" show the Phase and DrTestPhase fields from this lssrc command. lsrsrc -s ‘HGType==“workgroup”’ IBM.VMR_HG Name Phase DrTestPhase
over 2 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 0 Planned for future release

Encryption Hardware Acceleration for GNUTLS/libnettle

The Samba project has away from home grown encryption and openssl to GNUTLS/libnettle in 2019 see With gnutls/libnettle in its current state, we can expect substantial performance penalty on...
about 1 year ago in Linux for Power / RHEL 8 (5639-RH8) 0 Planned for future release

Maintenance mode for VIOS in VMRM environment

I've a VMRM HA cluster with 2 Hosts and 2 VIOS per Host. During firmware update or other maintenance on FC or ETH adapters connections are disruppted for a short time. During this activity the KSYS received notification of some Critical Events. My...
over 2 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 1 Planned for future release

Enhance RSCT code base to allow for daemon communication via SNAT/NAT

HMC's dependence on RSCT for operations such as DLPAR and LPM and RSCT's incompatibility with Network address translation (NAT). This incompatibility forces my company to deploy/acquire multiple redundant "pairs" of HMCs per Network address transl...
about 7 years ago in AIX 3 Planned for future release

Need filesystem hang and mount status monitoring in PowerHA

We are using a lot of PowerHA product on many AIX servers. Also there are many kinds of other company's High Availability products such as Service Guard of HPE, Redhat cluster, MSCS of MS etc. In some other HA solutions, there is a function which ...
almost 5 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 0 Planned for future release

Add support for HP 3PAR based replication

Like some other storage products HP 3PAR does offer a storage based data replication to a remote site.But the support for HP 3PAR is currently missing.
about 6 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 1 Planned for future release

Power Systems Recovery Manager - Enhanced DR orchestration capabilities

We are trying to leverage Power Systems Recovery Manager for meeting following objectives, -Diagram shows business requirements.-Only DR is depicted in diagram-DC only hosts PROD -Under normal condition DC runs PROD and DR hosts PREPROD, T&D a...
almost 5 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 4 Planned for future release

VMRMDR - Discover/Verify "Additional VLANs"

The VMRMDR needs to be enhanced to able to discover/verify the VLANs listed in the "Additional VLANs" section of the HMC profiles during discover/verify operations so that they complete successfully without errors. This would also allow the ksysmg...
over 2 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 2 Planned for future release

Allow VMRM/DR to scale CPU UP (>100%)

Currently VMRM/DR allows the CPU to be scaled down when an LPAR moves to the DR site. However, when we're moving a correctly-sized LPAR from a POWER9 to a POWER8, this severly reduces the performance, even when using 100% due to the difference in ...
over 2 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 0 Planned for future release