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Cloud Management Console

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PEP 2.0 - Ability to disable/offline resources(CPU/Memory)

Currently PEP 2.0 activates all installed resources. This creates lot of issues with our capacity management, performance monitoring and high availability. Please have an option to disable specific number of CPU and memory on the frame.
almost 2 years ago in Cloud Management Console 2 Under review

Enterprise Pools 2.0 access for non-admin users

I would like to enable Enterprise Pools 2.0 app to non-admin users. If you create a new non-admin user and access Edit User panel, Enterprise Pools 2.0 app enablement button is grayed out. The popup message says "Only Admin users can access Enterp...
3 months ago in Cloud Management Console 0 Under review

PEP 2.0 - Masking or translating the SystemName/LPAR name

To be able to use PEP 2.0 in security sensitive environments. It is necessary to mask or rename the SystemNames and the LPAR names. To review the collected data by the customer it is needed that the rename logic can be defined by the customer.
about 1 year ago in Cloud Management Console 0 Future consideration

Add threshold notification for EP 2.0 pool base core usage

In the CMC, We want have an option to set threshold (to be notified) for the total base activations consumption.Say If I have 100 Any/OS activations, I want to be notified when consumption reaches 75 cores.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Management Console 0 Future consideration

Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 - Metered Usage Enhancements

Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 resource sharing and metered usage is a step-change for Power Systems private cloud adoption. To improve it further, more granular control and visibility is required at the host partition level. I'd like to request an en...
about 1 year ago in Cloud Management Console 5 Under review

Add HMC to CMC overview for systems

Please add all types of HMC (Physical and virtual) to the CMC in the overview of systems
about 2 years ago in Cloud Management Console 2 Planned for future release

Introduce More Granular Filters within CMC to filter out customer sensitive information

Request to introduce more granular filtering capabilities for information received/stored on MCM and cloudant database in IBM cloud.
8 months ago in Cloud Management Console 1 Under review

automatic reports out of CMC

it would be great to receive on a regular base (monthly) automically created reports out of CMC. 1) overview of core and memory usage2) overview of used credits
11 months ago in Cloud Management Console 2 Needs more information

Want to have number of cores used and Memory in GB/TB used in CMC for PEP 2.x

In the history of CPU consumption i can only see under Minutes cumulated number of cores used but not for hours/days/Weeks/MonthIn the Memory overview i want to see the accumulated use in GB/TB per Pool and not the minutes or KB etc.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Management Console 2 Future consideration

Cross Frames Shared Processor Pool via PEP

- Today PEP2.0 delivers capability to allow flexible usage of system resources (core, ram, OS) across frames. - Client evaluating PEP2.0 have expressed concern that with PEP induced flexibility, they lose control over DB/App software license usage...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Management Console 1 Future consideration