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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against IBM Power Systems products, including IBM i. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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Welcome to the IBM Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to find out additional information and details about the IBM Ideas process and statuses.

IBM Unified Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to view all of your ideas, create new ideas for any IBM product, or search for ideas across all of IBM. - Use this email to suggest enhancements to the Ideas process or request help from IBM for submitting your Ideas.



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QID 11 Hidden RPC Service

QID = 11 Title=Hidden RPC Service Severity=2Impact = Unauthorized users can build a list of RPC services running on the host. If they discover vulnerable RPC services on the host, they then can exploit them.Threat= The Portmapper/Rpcbind listens o...
over 7 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

Implement write delegations in AIX NFSv4 server

The write performance of NFSv4 is degraded by at least an order of magnitude when file locking is used. This documented in PMR 75711,082,000 and a simple test source code provided. This is a unique NFSv4 problem (does not happen under NFSv3) Accor...
over 7 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

Retrieve CPU Values from WPARs

WPARs in AIX are not able to retrieve CPU info which is required by ILMT v9.2, so IBM support advised me to open this RFE to get this changed.
over 7 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

Support for AgentX in AIX

Several software vendors provide SNMP monitoring facilities for their applications, implemented as sub-agents. In many cases, these utilise the AgentX protocol for communication with a master agent. Currently, this requires a third-party SNMP mast...
over 7 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

mkps and chps can create > 64GB paging spaces

The swap man page says paging devices can be a maximum of 64GB. Yet mkps and chps can create a device of any size. The customer in this referenced pmr changed his paging device from 24GB to 150GB and it did not swap on when he rebooted. He deleted...
over 7 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

AIX: add robust mutex capability to pthreads

IBM Power Systems customer Bloomberg is requesting AIX support the robust mutex capability as described in the below link:
over 7 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

Mirrored rootvg in wpar not able to stop/start after disk failure

In an LPAR, rootvg can be mirrored, a disk can fail, and the LPAR can boot from the remaining disk. One can accomplish a boot off the remaining disk by entering maintenance mode, setting the remaining disk as the boot disk, and updating the bootli...
over 7 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

Remove an ifix using LiveUpdate

Enable the removal of ifixes via LiveUpdate, fi. by adding a new parameter to the geninstall command
over 7 years ago in AIX 2 Not under consideration

Reusing the disks from the lvup_rootvg after a LiveUpdate

After a Live Update operation some additional disks needed are contained in a ghost VG named lvup_rootvg, which blocks the reusage of the disks for other LPARs or for a subsequent LU operation. Please make it possible to delete this VG without a r...
over 7 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

Synchronize Contents of rootvg and NIM Alt Disk Migration

An Alt Disk Migration is run at 6:00 am but the reboot to the Alt Disk is not scheduled until 6:00 pm. During that 12 hour window, a user changes their password. So, /etc/pass is no longer up to date on the Alt Migration disk. It would be nice to ...
over 7 years ago in AIX 0 Not under consideration