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Status Not under consideration
Created by Guest
Created on May 10, 2018

IBM development took away the ability to dynamically add a vSCSI to a VIOS. We need that feature put back!

IBM development took away the ability to dynamically add a vSCSI to a VIOS. We need that feature put back!

Idea priority High
  • Guest
    Jan 23, 2019

    This is same/similar request as in RFE 119869 to provide DLPAR virtual adapter option from GUI for vios.

  • Guest
    Sep 12, 2018

    Previous versions allowed us to add a vSCSI adapter to a VIOS. That option was removed. Yes we would like to add a vSCSI and storage latter. Would be nice if the HMC would then add the vSCSI adapter to the client LPAR. Even though the HMC is supposed to see new storage it does not. This means we are not able to use the GUI to add disk to a client, because the HMC does not see the new disk.
    Because of this we must:
    1) Add the vSCSI to the VIOS profile.
    2) Shutdown the VIOS.
    3) Activate the VIOS.
    4) Via VIOS CLI add disk to the VHOST/vSCSI addapter for the client.

    This means, during the shutdown/activate, we have one VIOS managing the clients instead of two. This is a performance hit and an a availability problem if the second VIOS fails or has a configuration issue during the shutdown/activate of the other VIOS.

    Second question; Yes we have had several instances, while adding the first disk to a client, where the vSCSI/Vhost was created on one VIOS and not the other. When that happens we must perform the above steps on the failed VIOS assignment.

  • Guest
    Sep 11, 2018

    Thanks for the info.

    When a vSCSI adapter is added to a VIOS, guess the intention is to add a client adapter and attach storage eventually. That's why the previous comment was about attaching a storage which creates the vSCSI adapters in VIOS as well as the client partition. Is there any specific use case to create a vSCSI adapter only in VIOS without a corresponding client adapter or storage mapping?

    Also, on the point of "Note that the HMC did assign a vSCSI to VIO1, so the process is broken" -- Can you please specify what was broken? Was it a case that HMC assigned only the server adapter but client adapter was not created when attaching storage or any failure case where the vSCSI of VIO1 was left over?

  • Guest
    May 15, 2018

    Missed the point! I want to create a new vSCSI adapter for a VIOS!! That is what I stated in the beginning! This was taken away from us to dynamically allocate a vSCSI adapter for a VIOS!

  • Guest
    May 14, 2018


    With the Enhanced UI, you can directly attach the vSCSI storage to the partition and adapters are created by the HMC automatically (or you can choose an existing server adapter). Please see the blog at!/wiki/Power%20Systems/page/Partition%20Virtual%20Storage%20Management%20using%20HMC%20Enhanced%20UI for mode details.

    In your case, are you not able to attach storage to the partition even with the VIOS in active state with rmc connection to HMC ? On the "new hdisk as available" - is this a case where your provision a disk from SAN to the vios and VIOS configuration is not yet refreshed to see the new disk ?