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Status Under review
Workspace Linux for Power
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 6, 2024

GitHub actions for ppc64le. Let's make ppc64le a standard!

With the exponential emergence of ARM-based systems we think it is time to make ppc64le a third standard along with x86 and ARM.

1. The context

The rise of containerization and cloud-native applications has emphasized the importance of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines in modern software development. GitHub Actions, the most widely adopted CI/CD tool, facilitates seamless automation of software workflows. However, support for building and testing applications on the PPC64LE architecture (Travis?) is currently limited and not being used by the majority of ISVs and individual developers. To bridge this gap, we propose implementing GitHub Actions for PPC64LE, leveraging IBM Power Systems infrastructure.

2. Proposed solution

To address these challenges, we propose the following:

  • Implement GitHub Actions for PPC64LE: Enable GitHub Actions to support PPC64LE architecture, providing a seamless CI/CD experience for developers.
  • Provision of Power Systems hardware: IBM to supply dedicated Power Systems hardware for GitHub Actions runners, ensuring reliable and performant build environments.
  • Strategic Partnership with Microsoft?: Explore a partnership with Microsoft to integrate PPC64LE support directly within GitHub’s infrastructure, ensuring broader reach and impact. 

3. Benefits

Implementing GitHub Actions for PPC64LE will yield several benefits:

  • Enhanced developer experience: ISVs and end-users will have an accessible and efficient platform to build, test, and deploy applications on PPC64LE architecture.
  • Boost to Open Source Initiatives: Simplified CI/CD processes will encourage more open source projects to support PPC64LE, fostering innovation and collaboration.
  • Increased adoption of Power Systems: By providing robust CI/CD support, we can drive greater adoption of IBM Power Systems in the developer community and enterprise environments.

4. Possible implementation plan

Phase 1: Feasibility study and partnership negotiation

  • Conduct a detailed feasibility study to assess the technical requirements for integrating PPC64LE support in GitHub Actions.
  • Initiate discussions with Microsoft? to explore a potential partnership, focusing on the integration of PPC64LE runners in GitHub’s infrastructure.

Phase 2: Infrastructure setup

  • Provision Power Systems hardware to be used as dedicated runners for GitHub Actions.
  • Configure and optimize these systems to ensure they meet the performance and reliability standards required for CI/CD tasks.

Phase 3: Development and testing

  • Collaborate with GitHub’s development team to integrate PPC64LE support within GitHub Actions.
  • Conduct thorough testing to ensure stability, performance, and compatibility with various software stacks.

Phase 4: Documentation and community engagement

  • Develop comprehensive documentation and tutorials to guide developers in using GitHub Actions for PPC64LE.
  • Engage with the open source community through webinars, workshops, and contributions to projects to promote the new capabilities.

Phase 5: Launch and Continuous Improvement

  • Officially launch GitHub Actions support for PPC64LE.
  • Continuously monitor performance and gather feedback from users to refine and enhance the solution.

5. Final thoughts

The implementation of GitHub Actions for PPC64LE is a strategic initiative that will significantly enhance the support for open source development on IBM Power Systems. By providing an integrated and 100% accessible CI/CD environment, IBM can drive greater adoption of its Power Systems, support innovation in the open source community, and offer ISVs and end-users a robust platform for their development needs.

Note: This proposal is the result of a discussion within Common Europe Milano 2024 on the future of Linux in Power. Thanks to Fabio Alessandro (Red Hat), Andrey Klyachkin (Enfence / power-devops) for their feedback and great ideas when it comes to Open Source stuff on Power.

Idea priority High
  • Guest
    Jul 6, 2024

    Good luck. 

  • Guest
    Jul 5, 2024

    This step should have been done long time back.  It is better now than later.


  • Guest
    Jul 2, 2024

    follow and look forward to this idea

  • Guest
    Jun 28, 2024

    Absolutely brilliant idea

  • Guest
    Jun 26, 2024

    I support this

  • Guest
    Jun 19, 2024

    Good Look !

  • Guest
    Jun 19, 2024

    I mentioned ppc64le but It would be great to go as further as we can with ppc64 rpms for AIX and IBMi too

  • Guest
    Jun 7, 2024

    Strong Support for GitHub Actions on PPC64LE

    I wholeheartedly support the proposal to implement GitHub Actions for PPC64LE. This initiative addresses a critical need in the evolving landscape of software development and presents significant benefits for developers, open source projects, and IBM Power Systems.

    Here's why I believe this is a winning strategy:

    • Aligns with Modern Development Trends: The focus on CI/CD pipelines and the widespread adoption of GitHub Actions perfectly aligns with how developers work today. Enabling seamless CI/CD for PPC64LE removes a major barrier for developers working on this architecture.
    • Boosts Open Source on Power: Simplifying CI/CD for PPC64LE will undoubtedly encourage more open source projects to adopt this architecture. This fosters a vibrant open source ecosystem around Power, leading to innovation and wider community adoption.
    • Enhances Developer Experience: Providing an accessible and efficient platform for building, testing, and deploying applications on PPC64LE empowers developers. This improves productivity and removes hurdles in their workflow.
    • Strategic Partnership Potential: Exploring a partnership with Microsoft to integrate PPC64LE support directly within GitHub's infrastructure is a brilliant move. This broadens the reach and impact of the initiative, making it a standard offering for all developers.
    • Drives Power Systems Adoption: By offering robust CI/CD support, this proposal can significantly increase the adoption of IBM Power Systems in the developer community and enterprise environments. This strengthens IBM's position in the server market.

    The proposed implementation plan is well-structured and comprehensive:

    • The phased approach ensures a smooth rollout, starting with feasibility studies and progressing to development, testing, launch, and continuous improvement.
    • The focus on documentation, community engagement, and collaboration with GitHub's development team is crucial for successful adoption.

    Overall, this proposal presents a strategic opportunity for IBM to:

    • Solidify its commitment to open source development
    • Become a leader in fostering innovation on the PPC64LE architecture
    • Attract a wider developer base to the Power Systems platform

    I am confident that implementing GitHub Actions for PPC64LE will be a game-changer for the Power Systems developer community. Let's move forward with this initiative and reap the benefits!