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Languages - RPG

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provide "between" operator in rpg expressions

Provide "between" in rpg logical expressions Use Case: if a >=b and a<=c ;could be replaced by :if a between b and c;
almost 8 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 11 Delivered

See the value of a named constant in the debugger.

A developer needs the ability to interrogate the value of a named constant. For more information, see CAAC requirement AD0183 at
about 5 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 7 Delivered

Allow direct coding of nested data structures in free-form declarations

The new free-form data declarations in RPG IV lend themselves to direct coding of true nested data structures. Allowing these to be coded directly would avoid having to code a lot of unnecessary templates that exist for no other reason than to nes...
almost 8 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 6 Delivered

Add an enumeration type to RPG so that named constants can be qualified

Allow the use of the CONST keyword to define a datastructure as a constant Use Case: There is currently no mechanism for a complex type to be declared as a constant, immutable value. Providing this would also allow a qualified datastructure to be ...
over 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 11 Delivered

Implement new %POS BIF to facilitate soft coding of DS overlays

Currently if you want to redefine a portion of a Data Structure (usually as an array) you have limited choices. One approach is to manually key the names of all required fields into a DS and then overlay those fields with an array. This is tedious...
over 5 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 5 Delivered

%int() and %dec()does not allow blank character string

If I use a character string that only contain spaces or a variable character string with length=0 then %int() and %dec() returns with an escape message RNX0105 - "A character representation of a numeric value is in error.". I have studied the manu...
over 6 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 7 Delivered

Add New BIF's %right() and %left()

While %left(str: int) can be done with a %subst(str: 1: int), %right(str: int) is not so straight forward. %right(str: int) must be written as %subst(str: %len(%trimr(str)) - (int - 1)) This is far less readable. Please add convenience BIF's %left...
over 7 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 14 Delivered

Change RPG compiler to require prototypes for exported procedures

With 7.1 the compiler was changed to not require prototypes for procedures of a RPG module. While that change is great for local procedures, it is really bad for exported procedures, because the compiler does not necessarily validate the prototype...
almost 6 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 15 Delivered

Allow use of constant in ON-EXCP

Using constants in ON-EXCP would make the code more readable, and allow to share message ids in includes. Example: dcl-c ERR_CUSTOMER_NOT_FOUND 'ERR3452'; monitor; // do something.. on-excp ERR_CUSTOMER_NOT_FOUND; // handler endmon;
12 months ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 5 Delivered

RPG datastructure array sort by more than one subfield

For RPG please provide extended sort capability for datastructure arrays. This means sorting of an array over more then one subfield.E.g.: sorta name_of_array(*) (subfieldx: subfieldY: …) using the names of the subfiledsOr sorta name_of_array(*) (...
almost 4 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 9 Delivered