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Languages - RPG

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Prevent some RNF7031s. Add a way to indicate specific items which should not be diagnosed as un-referenced

Fields defined in ILE RPG source may be diagnosed as not being used by the program; but the developer may have reasons for keeping them. (They might be part of included files, part of API's, or intended for future use.) It is suggested that a comp...
over 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 4 Future consideration

STRDBG can not show values of variables based on pointer given as parameter

It's not possible to show the value of variables which based on a pointer given as parameter in STRDGB. If you try to display "pTest" with F11 of the following example you get : EVAL pTest PTEST.V1 = '**********'PTEST.V2 = '**********' Example : d...
over 5 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 7 Future consideration

ALLOW i.e. READ opcode to return a value or be usable in expressions

Would be nice to have an idiomatic way to loop a series of record in RPG, like for example other common languages. For example ----------Dow not READ(myfile) = %EOF processingEnddo---------- Will allow for an idiomatic way to loop records, to be a...
over 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 4 Not under consideration

%CHAR(numeric) Should Also Support Non-Constant Precision and Scale Parms

Currently, %DEC and %DECH don't support non-constant precision and scale parms. If that is to remain as is, then it would be *very* helpful if at least %CHAR(numeric) would not only support precision and scale parms, but would also support them as...
about 4 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 2 Not under consideration

Enhance %DEC / %INT / %FLOAT to recognize and accept negative values in a Zoned format

Currently, the %DEC and %INT BIFs do not recognize an ending character of "}"/"J"/.../"R" as representing a digit with a X'D' in the zone portion of the character. Thus, the character representation of a NEGATIVE number — as may be created by %EDI...
over 4 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 2 Not under consideration

RETURN value from REXX Procedure to RPG/ILE via Prototype

I see the QREXX API and I know about the QREXQ API, but these are cumbersome to use when all you're looking for is a single RETURNed value from REXX. It would really be helpful if RPG/ILE would support a REXX-specific prototype, similar to the JAV...
almost 5 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 3 Not under consideration

New RPG figurative constant *CLEAR.

The new figurative constant *CLEAR assumes his value by the field type. For example, with a character field the value is *BLANK, with a numeric field the value is *ZERO, with an indicator the value is *OFF and so on. In other words, *CLEAR has the...
about 7 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 10 Not under consideration

Allow duplicate CTL-OPT keywords.

In the RFE raised an idea of overriding the values of the control specification using /SET.Barbara Morris asked me to raise it in a separate RFE. This is hereby done...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 7 Future consideration

Meta procedure (or API) for ILE (RPG)

With PCML we have the information needed to call any ILE ( RPG) program from any other language, or environment and knowing the parameter types and data going back and forth. However this requires that the PCML file is available and deployed along...
about 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 5 Not under consideration

New RPG assignment operators ++ and --

It would be nice to have the C/Java like assignment operators ++ and -- too. Use Case: var++; instead of var +=1;var--; instead of var -=1;
almost 7 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 1 Not under consideration