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Work Management and Messaging

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Need ability to monitor for CPF1220 (User &1 has reached device session limit)

in the ever changing security conscience world we need to ability to monitor and report on potential unauthorized signon attempts. currently there is not method to capture this information Use Case: there needs to be a method to capture a potentia...
over 7 years ago in IBM i / Work Management and Messaging 9 Future consideration

Add delay parameter to SBMJOB command

Please add a DELAY parameter to the SBMJOB command that would first delay the job for the specified number of seconds, then run the command in batch. Use Case: We have external systems that upload files to the IBM I for processing, and then have a...
over 7 years ago in IBM i / Work Management and Messaging 6 Not under consideration

Command / SQL service to retrieve specific IPL attributes

Increased use of flash copy requires changes to IPL attributes before the copy has been made, to control the behaviour of the cloned partition. These changes need to be reverted on the parent partition to avoid unwanted behaviour at IPL. Althoug...
almost 2 years ago in IBM i / Work Management and Messaging 2 Future consideration

Provide a means to easily ascertain if a Subsystem (*SBSD) is currently registered to Exit Point "QIBM_QWT_JOBNOTIFY"

Our software relies heavily on the Job Notification Exit Point notifications but struggles when a job runs in a subsystem that is yet to be restarted since the exit point entries were added/changed. Currently, the only way to determine if jobs ent...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / Work Management and Messaging 2 Future consideration

Allow automatic DATFMT at signon

I have yet to find a way to set DATFMT automatically at signon.I deal with some systems with "YYMMDD" or "DDMMYY". I personally prefer "MMDDYY", but I can't change the system value.Could DATFMT be added as an option in a user profile? Or as an opt...
almost 3 years ago in IBM i / Work Management and Messaging 4 Not under consideration

Store DTAQ object on SSD

To increase performance I would like a way to move the data queue objects to SSD Use Case: Our application uses a lot of data queues with lots of IO to them and currently I can't find a way to move these objects to the faster solid state drives.
almost 6 years ago in IBM i / Work Management and Messaging 2 Not under consideration

Provide error handler for secondary thread of multi-threaded job

When a multi-threaded job encounters an unhandled exception, the system should be able to gracefully handle the error with the standard *INQ message to *EXT or QSYSOPR. Background When an unhandled exception occurs in the secondary thread of a mul...
about 7 years ago in IBM i / Work Management and Messaging 3 Not under consideration

Separate System journals and logs on CHGCLNUP

There are lots of system journals that do not need to be retained for as long as we retain the system log. It would be nice to specify clean up of these two items separately on the CHGCLNUP tool Use Case: CHGCLNUP could be set to purge system jour...
about 8 years ago in IBM i / Work Management and Messaging 3 Not under consideration

WRKJOB: CPI1157-Duplicate jobs found; can it return back to the list?

WRKJOB currently returns a list of matching jobs and asks me to select one. After having done so and examined the selected job, I get returned to a command line. Can it be enhanced to return to the list of jobs? Or the list be enhanced with a 5="W...
about 8 years ago in IBM i / Work Management and Messaging 5 Not under consideration

Add Adopted User Profile(s) to QUSRJOBI and RTVJOBA

Apparently there is no way to retrieve the User Profile under which a job is running when a program that Adopts another User Profile is in the call stack. For example, User BOB signs on and calls program XYZ which is owned by QPGMR and uses adopte...
4 months ago in IBM i / Work Management and Messaging 2 Under review