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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against IBM Power Systems products, including IBM i. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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LKU - release lvup_rootvg surrogate disk without a reboot

Live Kernal Update - release surrogate disk without a reboot.
over 3 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

AIX support for NTP-NTS (Network Time Security)

We want to secure our ntp time synchronisation with NTS (Network Time Security) as the alternatives are insecure (autokey) or complex to manage (machine individual key setup). Maybe you can add NTPsec (ntpd fork) or chrony as additional package?ht...
over 2 years ago in AIX 0 Future consideration

Support for NFS 4.1 in AIX

We have an NFS mount which is shared from Azure, which uses NFS version 4.1. We are getting mount errors while mounting the share in AIX 7.1 LPAR. IBM support confirmed that AIX currently support only till NFS version 4
over 2 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

Improvement of i_node cache handling

Request to change the handling of inode cache to be smarted as file cache handling in AIX. Comparing with file system cache and i-node cache handling is different from AIX. For memory management on filesystem cache, the file cache size can be incr...
almost 4 years ago in AIX 0 Future consideration

lspv output irritating on unavailable disk

I find the output of the lspv somewhat irritating on removed or unavailable disks. Example: here hdisk1 had been removed physically, and the outout of the disk's state differs:# lspvhdisk0 00fab4e16b7a83d9 rootvg activehdisk1 00fab4e187b7bf6e root...
about 3 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

When the GB18030-2022 standard for AIX will be released

GB18030-2022 is a national mandatory standard that has been officially implemented since August 1 this year. As a formal state-owned enterprise, the client is also required by the superiors to enforce this standard.
11 months ago in AIX 0 Future consideration

Unify the formats/places/download methods/install methods for AIX patches and fixes. Make blocked filesets obsolete.

Preparing something like a patch bundle for AIX (e.g. on a central NIM server) is a mess. We have to deal with different: formats:lpp, epkg.Z, rpm, tar balls places:fixcentral: for AIX TL/SPdeveloper works: for java, rsct (special versions for Pow...
about 6 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

Enhance multibos preview to check for available space in rootvg

Please enhance multibos so that the preview operation will perform some kind of "required space" calculation for physical partitions in rootvg.
almost 7 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

Preview tool requested for chfs and allocp

A way to run chfs / allocp in a preview mode would be extremely useful. It has been found that attempts to expand striped logical volumes can fail in seemingly random fashion. This makes the success of the operation unpredictable which can be cost...
over 2 years ago in AIX 0 Future consideration

Improve errpt CORE_DUMP entries to refer back to executable image that was running

When using dbx to analyze a core file that was dumped, the executable binary that was running must be used in combination with the core file to identify the exact instruction that caused the core dump. In the errpt CORE_DUMP entry there is the ful...
11 months ago in AIX 0 Future consideration