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VM Recovery Manager

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Allow VMs to be added/removed to WG while not in move/rehearsal regardless of other WG's phase

When a single WG is in move/rehearsal mode, all the other WGs are basically "locked" as they are - no VMs can be added or removed.
about 2 months ago in VM Recovery Manager 0 Planned for future release

ksysmgr - do not suggest running discover on empty workgroup

When the last VM is removed from a workgroup, ksysmgr should not suggest running a "discovery to apply changes" (should say "discover" as there is no "discovery" process) against the empty workgroup because it is not needed and the resulting retur...
4 months ago in VM Recovery Manager 1 Planned for future release

Remove host from cluster when removed from host_group

The host should be completely removed from the cluster when it is removed from a host_group. This would match the same action occurring with VMs - they are completely removed from the cluster when they are removed from a workgroup.
4 months ago in VM Recovery Manager 1 Planned for future release

Support for multiple VIOS pairs in 1KSYS of VM Recovery Manager HA

Currently VM Recovery Manager HA supports only one VIOS pair per KSYS.In an environment where multiple VIOS pairs are exist on a single node, it is necessary to configure a separate KSYS for each VIOS pair.Therefore, please improve the function so...
over 2 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 0 Under review

Show DrTestPhase in workgroup query

Make "ksysmgr q workgroup" show the Phase and DrTestPhase fields from this lssrc command. lsrsrc -s ‘HGType==“workgroup”’ IBM.VMR_HG Name Phase DrTestPhase
4 months ago in VM Recovery Manager 0 Planned for future release

Maintenance mode for VIOS in VMRM environment

I've a VMRM HA cluster with 2 Hosts and 2 VIOS per Host. During firmware update or other maintenance on FC or ETH adapters connections are disruppted for a short time. During this activity the KSYS received notification of some Critical Events. My...
4 months ago in VM Recovery Manager 1 Planned for future release

HOST_FAILURE more accurate problem description

In the Discover output, replace the "Check available capacity and configuration issues on target hosts" message with more accurate error messages.
2 months ago in VM Recovery Manager 0 Planned for future release

With host down, show red hexagon on the host in the left pane

Add a red hexagon next to the host in the right panel when the host is down.
3 months ago in VM Recovery Manager 0 Submitted

Unmanage port in VM Recovery Manager

A customer is hitting an issue that we have seen a few times with customers. Discover / verify operation fails with the following error when issuing an inquiry command:migmgr -f get_adapter -t vscsi -s U9080.M9S.21D5C47-V2-C418 -w 1385770584273256...
about 1 year ago in VM Recovery Manager 0 Planned for future release

shared dual-cec configuration

Let's take this scenario: we have two datacenters, each one has the same number of POWER servers managed by VMRM. We have two KSYS consoles - one in each datacenter. Basic idea is, when 1 DC acts as primary, while 2nd as standby. I'd like to have ...
over 1 year ago in VM Recovery Manager 2 Under review