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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against IBM Power Systems products, including IBM i. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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fcstat and underlying APIs - time series data

It would be great if fcstat could at least give time-series output (like vmstat, iostat, etc.) for at least one interface at a time. Having a "-a" flag (or similar) to get time-series performance/capacity data for all of the HBAs in the system at ...
over 2 years ago in AIX 1 Delivered

Request change of default permissions

The /var/ct/RMstart.log is the logfile used by RMC and can contain sensitive data that must be secured. RMC provides a single monitoring and management infrastructure for both RSCT peer domains and management domains. Its generalized framework is ...
about 3 years ago in AIX 0 Delivered

Allow AIXPCM to health check closed luns

NEW FORMAT "PMR": TS001111225 (This RFE webform is expecting the old format and rejects the new one) Requesting: Add the option for AIXPCM to perform path health checks on all attached multi-path storage regardless of status. This will permit the ...
almost 6 years ago in AIX 7 Delivered

LVM: Add ability to give up slow mirror

Add the ability to mark a physical volume or a complete mirror pool as missing, so that lvm could start handling stale pps. As "chpv -v r" is already there, maybe provide a force option to be able to deactivate pvs that hold open lvs that are mirr...
almost 7 years ago in AIX 1 Delivered

hdisk name related to alt_disk_copy and bosboot

IBM should NOT permit altdiskcopy to run to disk names that are NOT supported by bosboot. Request fix via any method below:1. Update altdiskcopy to FAIL if disk name used is unsupported by bosboot.2. Update bosboot to support any disk name.3. Publ...
about 3 years ago in AIX 1 Delivered

bos.cifs needs SMBv3

AIX needs to refresh bos.cifs to at least 10 year old protocol versions. SMBv1 is insecure and has been dropped by every other major operating system except AIX. Here is the real reason now. IBM says Cloud, or bust. Cloud CIFS mounts, at least in ...
over 6 years ago in AIX 2 Delivered

Add new POLLEXCL flag for poll() function to solve thundering herd problem. Flag logic like EPOLLEXCLUSIVE for linux epoll()

We have developed multiprocessing middleware named Enduro/X, where several processes may listen for messages on several ipc queues (SystemV for example). Processes are using poll() to wait for event in some queue. Work on queues may be load balanc...
almost 4 years ago in AIX 8 Delivered

NFSv4 usage in NIM

nimadm exports in phase2 the "/alt_inst" filesystems as nfs3 tothe NIM-server. Today it's not possible to use nfs4 althoughnimadm knows option "-m NFSMountOptions". With nimadm theclient "/alt_inst" filesystems should be exportable as nfs4.
over 7 years ago in AIX 1 Delivered

p7zip RPM on AIX toolbox for Linux applications

we have some LPARs that need p7zip and we are currently using the RPM coming from Micheal Perzl, since we are switching all RPM to only use the ones coming from AIX toolbox for Linux application, it would be helpful to have it. Also I guess is a c...
over 4 years ago in AIX 3 Delivered

Enhance unmirrorvg for mirror pools

Contrary to 'mirrorvg' the 'unmirrorvg' command is not aware of Mirror Pools. Hence before removing a mirror copy of a LV the Mirror Pools need to be removed separately (with 'chlv -M ...'). It might be a good idea to have 'unmirrorvg' enhanced to...
almost 7 years ago in AIX 2 Delivered