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Status Delivered
Workspace IBM i
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 14, 2018

Update the IBM i Open Source Pages on developerWorks again

You created a wonderful page with an Overview about the Open Source Products you support on IBM i on your developerWorks page here:!/wiki/IBM%20i%20Technology%20Updates/page/Open%20Source%20Technologies

Please keep this page up to date. It hasn't been updated for a very long time now and this keeps away many people to use that products.

Use Case:

I guess you provide the 5733OPS license program and the attached Open Source Tools to your IBM i customers so that they can and should use them.
With the Open Source Overview page mentioned in the description you give a very good Overview which Open Source Products are available, what they can do and what is the latest status but excatly that is the problem. The latest status is not the actual one.

Idea priority High
  • Guest
    Dec 17, 2018

    Open Source information has been updated. See link!/wiki/IBM%20i%20Technology%20Updates/page/Open%20Source%20Technologies.

    If there are additional needs, feel free to open another RFE. I am now closing this RFE as delivered.

  • Guest
    May 29, 2018

    I think the Open Source RPM's for IBMi is the way to use in the future.

    Here is my two cents, besides the things already reported, whats missing in the documentation or at least what i would like to see.

    * List what will be installed with each option of the 5733-OPS:
    - Option CHROOT will install the gcc environment, which version?
    - Which tools and versions will actually be installed with with Option 7? Ist the tools the one that are listed under the PTF section or are there more tools installed.

    * It is stated that using the Open Source RPM's is now the recommended way of installing Open Source Technologies for IBMi:
    - Does this mean that there will be more 5733-OPS options added in the future?
    - Are 5733-OPS going to be removed in a future release of the IBMi OS?
    - Would lika a instruction to migrate software installed as 5733-OPS options to install them using Open Source RPM's instead.

    * Update the instructions for using the Open Source RPM's for IBMi, keep in mind that most IBMi administrator is not familiar with Linux and therefor not used to either RPM's or the YUM command and probably need more detailed instructions than an Linux administartor:
    - What IP-adresses and ports are needed to be opened in the firewall to access the Open Source RPM's for IBMi? Many IBMi does not have full internet access.
    - More detailed instruction how to use YUM command to install packages offline or from an own copy of the repository
    - Instructions how to clone the Open Source RPM's for IBM i repository and use an own repository on the company network (and prefered how to keep it in sync) .
    - Can RedHat's Satelite be used to host an own copy of the repository and keep it in sync? If so, how do you set it up.
    - Pros/Cons by using the path in the .profile versus to add symlinks to /QOpenSys/usr/bin or /QOpenSys/usr/lib

  • Guest
    May 15, 2018

    You already did it :-)
    There was still the old Group PTF Level 5 instead of 6 and no further information about the next steps.
    Now with RPM and YUM you go the next step which is great.
    The Node PTF List is not actual I think - isn't it?
    There is still the last update from May 2017 and there are some new PTF's in the meantime.
    Maybe you can also publish a List of RPM's you are going to implement in the IBM i List.
    .NET Core would be the most important!!!
    Many thanks

  • Guest
    May 14, 2018

    Please provide more details on the updates you would like to see. Thanks in advance for your contributions!