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Status Future consideration
Workspace IBM i
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 4, 2021

Correct Date format in Temp Keys (Remove separators)

*ALL Temp keys come with the expiration date formatted as:


I do NOT care that my system uses *MDY s I can easily change my job to *YMD. And, true, I can change the DATSEP to '-' simply enough. Unfortunately ANY separator in there requires that the date must be entered as


That is, single quotes required. As a consequence one cannot simply copy/paste these keys and every single one of them must be edited.

PLEASE Remove the separator characters. They provide no value and only set up a roadblock.

ALTERNATE SOLUTION: enclose the dates in single quotes making the date thus:


(I am told by the key center that their LMS is incapable of changing the date format. I informed them that "after careful consideration I have determined that their system [behaves in the manner of a vibrant vacuum cleaner]!")

Use Case:

With customers using CBUs and multiple partitions these keys must be applied repeatedly.

Yes I understand there is 'in theory' a button to apply the keys to the system directly from ESS. But it uses Java and, well, need I say more? ItNoWorkie.

Idea priority Medium
  • Guest
    Dec 1, 2021

    Thanks for bringing the difficulties of the date format to our attention. We would like to improve this design, so we are changing the status of this RFE to Uncommitted Candidate as we look into potential solutions.

  • Guest
    Apr 6, 2021

    In order to avoid doing this much manually, I hope the workaround described below will help you until the RFE is delivered.

    When working with CBU keys I download them in a document
    1. Open the document
    2. Cut and paste every thing to ACS RSS
    3. Scan and replace ADD in CL:ADD
    4. Scan and replace VNDDTA(*NONE) in VNDDTA(*NONE);
    5. Scan and replace 2022-11-25 in '2022-11-25'

    In most cases the keys need to be downloaded to other LPARS with RSS that is easy.

    If the CBU system is a "COLD" target LPAR, I do one thing extra.

    I scan and replace SERIAL(*LOCAL) by SERIAL()
    Afterwards I add the keys to my "WARM" source LPAR.

    Hope this helps you through that time ;-)

  • Guest
    Apr 5, 2021

    Couldn't agree more. The implementation of *ISO with the keys means I always need to cut/paste and then carefully go into each ADDLICKEY command and correct the date to *JOB format.
    Perhaps another solution would be to change the CL command paramater TYPE(*DATE) to accept both *JOB an *ISO formats?

  • Guest
    Apr 5, 2021

    If ESS could output the keys in *LICKEYFILE format, or a CVS format that could be easily uploaded from a Mac or PC to a *LICKEYFILE, then one can apply the keys in one fell swoop with ADDLICKEY LICKEYINP(*LICKEYFILE), and not depend on the ItNoWorkie Java app to download directly to the system.