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Status Delivered
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 22, 2019

power supplies status check

We need a way to determine power supplies status for IBM Power Systems Server deployed with PowerVM and HMC in a remote data-centre.

Just like HP iLO or old IBM's IMM (Integrated Managemnt Module for x86 server) displays a red or green icon per power supply.

This is a basic RAS requirement.

This functionality could be provided in ASMI or even be displayed in the HMC.

(also see Case TS001784409 )

Idea priority High
  • Guest
    May 24, 2023

    I concur with some of the other comments. Having to create scripts to pull critical hardware health data from REST API for these high-end systems is shocking. For other hardware platforms I support I can log onto an iLO or blade chassis controller or management console and just pull up status of each power supply, fan, CPU, memory DIMM, get temps, etc. When I started working on our new Power10 frames I spent an hour poking around on the HMC to get the current status of the power supplies because we had received a serviceable action related to power loss only to find out I was wasting my time.

  • Guest
    Apr 4, 2023

    "We have a REST API" is NOT delivered. Your customers do not expect to write their own integration scripts to go query this critical information. It needs to be displayed via AIX command, HMC command, and prominently displayed in the HMC GUI.

    Marking this delivered is a poor attempt to eliminate the item from the queue, it does not mean a technical solution was provided.

    1 reply
  • Guest
    Apr 4, 2023
    Hi Thomas,

    Power Supply status is already available in Cloud Management Console GUI and can be retrieved via HMC through Rest APIs (https://hmcip/rest/api/uom/ManagedSystem?group=None&hwinventory=true). Please let us know if this addresses your requirement.

  • Guest
    Aug 26, 2021

    I've determined that the legacy (Pegasus) CIMOM works with the ASMI to report CEC and Power Supply usage (apparently in watts). No up/down status is available but a down PS should read as 0 watts. I'm updating this RFE for any other viewers.

    An example and output is documented in the IBM EnergyScale for POWE9 Processor-Based Systems doc on page 22 & 23. Pdf copy here:

    Collection is done via wbemcli
    Nigel G. did a video on this client:

    I used a wbemcli rpm for Centos on RHEL7 ppc64le. Found here:, sblim-wbemcli-1.6.2-11.el7.ppc64le.rpm
    There are newer versions at rpmfind but they appear to requires RHEL8. There are also supposed to be Windows versions but I did not look for them.

    Your fsp/asmi must be accessible from an lpar/client as you can't put his on an HMC.

    I can't speak to the support for CIMOM on Power, but given xCAT also uses this provider for Power (in fact, it does support this same collection) it may be still well used by HPC staff and IBM SSRs and hard to deprecate. I'm not an xCAT user so unable to verify but you can google on those power metrics and xCAT and the code is current.

    Also will note that when HMC 8.6 came out with Performance Capacity Monitor metrics and REST API, the IBM docs say that Aggregated metrics would include power/energy information at a later date. There does not appear to be any way to turn this on from the HMC and I've checked new PCM collections and there are no power metrics. I suspect the REST API works but you would have to write that and turn it on. Details here:

    I think I found the pcm properties file location on the HMC and I presume power/energy enablement switch in there but the file is not viewable/editable (ccfw user and I can't change that).

  • Guest
    Jan 28, 2019

    Due to processing by IBM, this request was reassigned to have the following updated attributes:
    Brand - Servers and Systems Software
    Product family - Power Systems
    Product - Systems Design
    Component - Systems Design
    Operating system - IBM AIX
    Source - Client

    For recording keeping, the previous attributes were:
    Brand - Servers and Systems Software
    Product family - Power Systems
    Product - PowerVM
    Component - PowerVM
    Operating system - Not Applicable
    Source - Client