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Languages - CL (Control Language)

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Add PGM parameter to Command Definition (CMD) command

On CRTCMD, PGM parameter defines the command processing program (CPP) for the command being created. Add this parameter to the CMD definition statement so the CPP can be coded within the command source. Today, the CPP must be specified each time t...
16 days ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 2 Planned for future release

Provide a CL Command Parameter Option for Required when INTERACTIVE

some CL command parameters can be designated as MIN(1) which makes them have a value before the command may be run. We need a way to set parameters to REQUIRED when they are run interactively vs batch. Add a RQD parameter (or similar) to PARM stat...
8 months ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 2 Not under consideration

Enhance PARM ELEM and QUAL statements to support 8-digit DATE value

When creating IBM and User-written CL commands, the PARM ELEM and QUAL statements are used to define parameters. Today the TYPE parameter of those statements supports *DATE. However it always passes the value into the command processing program (C...
about 1 year ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 3 Future consideration

Command (CRTCMD) to also run SQL stored procedures and functions

Today you can create commands to be used from command line and build them into CL programs. CL commands works as parameter wrappers and calls programs. It will be great if the command concept also could be extended to be able to directly call SQL ...
10 months ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 3 Not under consideration

Argument for a built-in function can be the result of another built-in function

I would like that the argument for a built-in function can be the result of another built-in function. For example if I was going to emulate a varying length variable then I can only get the total length of the fixed length variable, not the lengt...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 4 Future consideration

Deliver a Generate List of Menu Options API

Standard (legacy?) IBM i menu object create a *MSGF that contains the Menu options as a MSGID entry. These menu options can be retrieved using the QMHRTVM easily.However our UIM-based IBM menus have no such equivalent and therefore present a probl...
8 months ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 7 Not under consideration

Allow CALLSUBR on EXEC() parm of global MONMSG

Currently, a global MONMSG can only have GOTO in the EXEC() parameter. With the addition of subroutines in CL, it would be beneficial to allow the CALLSUBR opcode in the EXEC() parameter to invoke a generic error handling routine. Use Case: Allowi...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 2 Future consideration

WRKUSRPRF - search for part of name in description

I would like to have the possibility in WRKUSRPRF to search for a given string in the description of the user profile. If the users for example have the name Jens Petersen or Peter Jensen then I would like to be able to find them searching with th...
over 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 8 Not under consideration

Add support for data structures in CLP

Provide the ability to declare data structures in the CLP language. Ideally both internally defined and externally defined (based on a physical file, like RPG). Something like ... DCLDS NAME(&DSNAME) DCL VAR(&SUB1) TYPE(*char) DCL VAR(&...
about 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 10 Not under consideration

Copy To Archive File (CPYTOARCF) Enhancement

Please enhance the CPYTOARCF command so that it takes the specified directory as the root directory in the zip file. Example 1: CPYTOARCF FROMFILE('/home/raddatz/temp/ziptest')TOARCF('/home/raddatz/temp/') In this case the first directo...
over 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 4 Future consideration