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VM Recovery Manager

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Make SRR fully Hyperswap compatible

Currently, Simplified Remote Restart won't work if you have Storwize Family Hyperswap Storage and part of the infrastructure is unavailable (SAN Switch, IO Group, VIOS) since the HMC is unable to reach fome target WWPN from the target POWER server...
over 5 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 2 Delivered

Update "verify" error message - Disk does not attached to FC Group

When a verify is run too soon after a discovery is run, the error "Disk does not attached to FC Group" is shown. Besides the grammatical correction needed, VMRMDR needs to have its error logic updated to reflect what is truly happening - VMRM call...
almost 2 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 2 Delivered

Add support for SAP HANA Multi Tier environments

SAP added the Multi Tier System Replication function a while ago. Means a customer can now have a local and a remote copy of the HANA database.VMR should support this architecture.
over 3 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 1 Delivered

Optimization over SVC KSYS: Storage re-mapping process during "move dr_test=yes"

The way of handling actions on SVC by KSYS during DR Test is not correct/optimal. From the storage perspective, DR Test actions (move dr_test=yes) can be divided into the following stages, all on storage array running at BACKUP site: 1. Removal of...
about 5 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 2 Delivered

Display resource requirements/availability in the GUI

Local resources (requirements) should not exceed the remote resources (availability). As new VMs are added to local servers, sometimes the remote resources available can be exceeded. This would prevent a successful Move or Rehearsal. There is no "...
about 2 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 3 Delivered

Monitor unexpected VM state changes

According to Case TS003725611 we need a way to monitor state of VMs. Sometimes, for unknown reason, machine change its state from READY_TO_MOVE to something different (INIT, READY). We'd like to know about these events.
about 4 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 1 Delivered

Preserve custom SSL Certs for VMRM GUI

When upgrading from VMRM DR from 1.4 to 1.5 it destroyed the SSL certificates that we had installed. smitty install was run and the SSL cert disappeared
about 3 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 0 Delivered

Remove 'ping' as product requirement (be able to bypass 'ping' results)

Currently, when adding HMCs to VMR and when performing discovery/verification of storage agent, VMR performs a 'ping' to determine if the HMC or storage agent is up/operational. If the 'ping' fails, VMR does not proceed to configuring HMC or fails...
almost 4 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 1 Delivered

IBM VM Recovery Manager needs to accept special characters in HMC passwords

Brian:There might be some low hanging fruit for this issue.Does the HMC password you are trying to use contain any special characters?There is an APAR that addresses that issue but the fix is not yet available.The work-around is to change the HMC ...
almost 4 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 3 Delivered

VM Recovey Manager DR Release 1.5

We have discovered 3 problems up to now: 1. The DR site must have at least one session for global mirror (lssession output check)2. There can not be common LUN IDs between the source and destination LUNs3. The flashcopies for global mirror can not...
almost 3 years ago in VM Recovery Manager 1 Delivered