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Languages - CL (Control Language)

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Provide a PARSE_CL_STMT SQL UDTF that returns parms and values

It would be great to have a way to check CL command options similar to how we do today with PARSE_STATEMENT for SQL statements.The ideal candidate would return the parameters (kwd names) and the value the user passed to those parameter in a table ...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 5 Future consideration

DCL variable length variables or CALLPRC passing *BYVAL2 or *BYVAL4

I would like the ability to declare a varying length character variable in CL. Just like in RPG. For example:DCL VAR(&VAR) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(100)DCL VAR(&VAR) TYPE(*VARCHAR) LEN(100) DCL VAR(&VAR) TYPE(*VARCHAR) LEN(100000) DCL VAR(&...
about 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 4 Future consideration

Allow CL to Pass Strings to RPG OPTIONS(*STRING) Parameters

Please allow the CALLPRC command to pass a string to an RPG procedure parameter that is defined as POINTER OPTIONS(*STRING). Use Case: Currently, I still have to pass a pointer to such a parameter: dcl &p_code *ptr | chgvar &code 'AAT990' ...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 1 Not under consideration

Add new function *BLANKS and *ZEROS on CLP

Implement a new function, on CLP language, to initialize a variable with Blanks or Zeros Use Case: DCL VAR(&CHAR) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(1000) DCL VAR(&NUM) TYPE(*DEC) LEN(10 5) CHGVAR VAR(&CHAR) VALUE(*BLANKS) CHGVAR VAR(&NUM) VALUE(*ZEROS)
over 5 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 4 Future consideration

New IMPORT parameter on DCLF command

Add new IMPORT parameter to the DCLF (Declare File) CL command so the fields would be initialized with an exported Data Structure from a Service Program or another Module Rules and Validations:-The new IMPORT parm would require a name up to 14 cha...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 3 Not under consideration

Allow value selection on command prompting

When prompting on a command, it might show a number of well known values, or present a list from a choice program, however the value must always be typed in again. It would be easier if the option was offered to select one of these values by posit...
about 4 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 4 Not under consideration

Add AUTO-PROMPT job attribute for F9=Retrieve(d) CL Commands on Enter

When using the IBM i command entry F9 or F8 to retrieve a prior CL command, I would like a job attribute that controls whether or not that CL command can be run directly via Enter or Prompted on Enter. This would give us an "Are you sure" failsafe...
3 months ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 1 Not under consideration

CL Command to output .xlsx Excel Spreadsheet

Create a CL command to output an .xlsx Excel spreadsheet. Use Case: We are currently using a third party app that outputs to Excel but it's only in .XLS format. That company is barely hanging in and no longer offers any upgrades. Our business depe...
over 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 4 Not under consideration

Blob in CLLE

impossible to read in a clle pgm a file with a field blob Use Case: the mistake is in a clle pgm i want read a file who have a field blob without using this field in my pgm when you declare your file DCLF FILE(SFW_PROD) OPNID(ID3) ALWVARLEN(*YES) ...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 2 Not under consideration

RETURN value from REXX Procedure to CL/ILE via STRREXPRC

Thank you IBM for providing an easy means of passing parameters *to* a REXX procedure via the STRREXPRC command. However, unlike the CALLPRC command, there is no RTNVAL parameter on the STRREXPRC command to provide an easy means of receiving a val...
almost 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - CL (Control Language) 1 Not under consideration