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PTF and Service

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Repository Search PTF Currency

There's multiple options to check your PTF currency against IBM's recommended PTF's. In order to do so you have to have some kind of connection path to the outside world which we don't have. It would be so much easier if we coudl somehow get this ...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / PTF and Service 3 Not under consideration

need a new PTF Group for IBM i compilers and developer tools 5770-WDS

Recently I had some PMRs -> APARs resolved by PTFs. The problem is, these new PTFs are not automatically included on any CUMe package and I was very surprised to learn that they were not included in any of the current Group PTFs for IBM i 7.1, ...
over 5 years ago in IBM i / PTF and Service 3 Not under consideration

Configuring ECS requires QSECOFR profile to be enabled.

service agent connection cannot be reconfigured with QSECOFR disabled but the customer leaves QSECOFR disabled by intent. Use Case: support case TS004525300
over 1 year ago in IBM i / PTF and Service 1 Future consideration

CHGCNTINF or WRKCNTINF: Add mailing vs site address

Neither of our data centers get US Mail. All mail goes to corporate. Therefore onWRKCNTINF2. Work with local service informationI would like to have two addresses:- Mailing address- Physical site location. Use Case: When a box calls in for support...
over 4 years ago in IBM i / PTF and Service 4 Future consideration

Omit PTFs

My team believed that the OMIT parameter in GO PTF + Option 8 would remove the PTFs from products that I did not want to be installed, but this parameter does not do this. That is, nothing is removed, and all PTFs are installed. Use Case: The impa...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / PTF and Service 6 Is a defect

Prevent Download of 5733OMF Cover Letters

When ordering PTFs via SNDPTFORD, we receive numerous cover letters for the 5733OMF product even though we do not have that product installed, and we did not request fixes for that product. We opened a case with IBM about the issue and were told ...
3 months ago in IBM i / PTF and Service 2 Future consideration

[IGNORE: Already AVAILABLE] Provide a high-speed API to materialize info about a specific PTF

The QpzListPTF API and the SQL PTF_INFO VIEW are fine for non-critical applications. However they perform far too slowly for in-App use where the App simply needs to check if a specific PTF has been installed/applied. Today we have to matieralize ...
3 months ago in IBM i / PTF and Service 3 Not under consideration

WRKPTFGRP add a PARM for OUTPUT(*PRINT) and allow it to run in batch to create a report

Add the parameter OUTPUT to the WRKPTFGRP command and allow it to run in batch Use Case: Quarterly maintenance is performed that we need evidence of the PTF groups installed for audit. Adding the OUTPUT parameter would allow a batch job to run at ...
over 3 years ago in IBM i / PTF and Service 3 Not under consideration

Add Compare Recommended PTFs from IBM to QMGTOOLS

Add Compare Recommended PTFs from IBM to QMGTOOLS. As of 5/22/19 we can compare Groups, HIPERs, and Defective PTFs against IBM list of available PTFs. Would like to have another option to compare the Recommended PTFs list from IBM to what is curre...
about 3 years ago in IBM i / PTF and Service 4 Not under consideration

IBM i QMGTOOLS RUNAA request parameter enhancement

For the QMGTOOLS RUNAA command, add the value *IODD to the list of currently available request values (See When run via System Service Tools - Advanced Analysis, the IODD macro supports a l...
about 3 years ago in IBM i / PTF and Service 3 Future consideration