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System Management

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Open NetServer in IBM Navigator for i

IBM Navigator for i doesn't have the option to open the NetServer. System i Navigator (iNav) has this, but end of life has been announced for that tool. In iNav, the right-click popup menu for NetServer has an option for "Open i5/OS NetServer", bu...
about 6 years ago in IBM i / System Management 4 Delivered

[PDI] Save & Restore System Monitors

Allow save and restore of System Monitors Use Case: Allow the creation of a set of standard system monitors on one system, which can easily be saved and restored to other systems.
almost 6 years ago in IBM i / System Management 4 Delivered

New Nav - Graphs for disk need to graph all asps on a system in one graph

I have an a set of lpars with DB2 mirror. So I have a SYSBAS and two iASPs. This db2 sql will retreive the storage status for all ASPs: select ASP_NUMBER, DEVD_NAME, DISK_UNITS, PRESENT, TOTAL_CAPACITY_AVAILABLE, TOTAL_CAPACITY, DEC(DEC(TOTAL_...
about 2 years ago in IBM i / System Management 2 Delivered

Allow WRKACTJOB to Select Job Status MSGW

I need to see any active jobs currently in a Job Status of MSGW (Message Waiting). Here is a hypothetical example of what I imagine: WRKACTJOB JOBSTS(*MSGW) Use Case: Please see above question/answer.
about 7 years ago in IBM i / System Management 7 Delivered

Auto-refresh Navigator for i

"IBM Navigator for i" (Nav for i) is positioned as the replacement for the older "System i Navigator" (iNav) tool. iNav has an auto-refresh setting while Nav for i does not. To truly be a replacement, Nav for i needs to incorporate that functional...
about 6 years ago in IBM i / System Management 4 Delivered

ARE Delayed option

ARE addition of PTF installation *DLYALL option Use Case: ARE is a brilliant product for distributing PTFs and to keep LPARs in sync. The current design is that ARE wil try to install the PTFs when doing the sync and for PTFs which can not be appl...
over 5 years ago in IBM i / System Management 4 Delivered

Display PTF group name in Summary Details of Application Runtime Expert for i PTF report

Application Runtime Expert for i (5733ARE) Add the PTF Group name in the summary details of a report. Use Case: As of current ARE level, the Summary Details displays "Group PTF SFXXXXX - Level does not meet minimum level...." Would rather know the...
over 5 years ago in IBM i / System Management 2 Delivered

Commaon Dashboard for LPAR's using Navigator for I

Requesting for an enhancement in IBM I Access Client Solutions. IBM I Access is blessed with an option Navigator for I where we can do many useful functions using the browser and one of the options is " Dashboard" view where we can monitor the sys...
about 6 years ago in IBM i / System Management 3 Delivered

Enhancements To Navigator For i

In Navigator for i can the following enhancements be made; 1.) A clocking indicator when a task is running so that you know the Navigator is working on the task. 2.) I field can be added to User Maintenance that shows whether the user is enabled o...
about 6 years ago in IBM i / System Management 3 Delivered

Preserve iNav column widths on sys oper message screen

iNav is a terrific tool for administering the IBM i.This request involves the Messages screen (example attached).It is handy to be able to select and sequence columns to display. When I first launch the screen I adjust the column widths to fit the...
almost 5 years ago in IBM i / System Management 5 Delivered