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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against IBM Power Systems products, including IBM i. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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We invite you to shape the future of IBM, including product roadmaps, by submitting ideas that matter to you the most. Here's how it works:

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Start by searching and reviewing ideas and requests to enhance a product or service. Take a look at ideas others have posted, and add a comment, vote, or subscribe to updates on them if they matter to you. If you can't find what you are looking for,

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Welcome to the IBM Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to find out additional information and details about the IBM Ideas process and statuses.

IBM Unified Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to view all of your ideas, create new ideas for any IBM product, or search for ideas across all of IBM. - Use this email to suggest enhancements to the Ideas process or request help from IBM for submitting your Ideas.



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X11 Enhancements to SNAP or other data collection tools

When customers open AIX Support cases, they are typically asked to upload a system snap to provide data for problem determination. Customers encountering issues with X11 (XDMCP, X11 Forwarding, XVFB, etc) are then asked to collect additional infor...
over 4 years ago in AIX 0 Future consideration

Checksum file for all downloads

It's time to have sha checksum files (a standard format checksum file with list of sums and files) for each set of files for download with fix central or entitled software.This should be a minimum for package distribution so that the files can be ...
over 3 years ago in AIX 2 Future consideration

Cant use other disk names in Live Kernel Update LKU rather hdisk

Under AIX 7.2 it is not possible to rename disk to use for LKU for better identification . It must be hdisk but for automation with scripts another disk name to set with rendev would be helpful
almost 5 years ago in AIX 2 Not under consideration

LDAP nested groups won't resolve if located in a different DN than the parent group

Currently, secldapclntd cannot resolve a nested group if this 'child group' is in a different DN than it's parent group, even if the DN is specified in ldap.cfg as a secondary groupbasedn. This was discussed with AIX development via an APAR draft,...
about 2 years ago in AIX 0 Future consideration

64-bit Dtfile for CDE

AIX LPARS with Linux NFS servers cannot use the CDE graphical file manager (dtfile) to manage 64-bit file systems. Cause: In getdirent(), the inode number and cookie size is checked. It they are 64 bit, but the application is 32 bit, an EOVERFLOW...
about 2 years ago in AIX 1 Future consideration

Enhance MFS Availability and Prevent MFS absense(SSP out of service).

We'd like to Enhance MFS Availability and Prevent MFS absense(SSP out of service). In order to archive, we consider 2 Realization method.1.Make MFS Redundancy - Like Primary MFS and Secondary MFS2.Make MFS switch more quickly - ie.)more early than...
over 3 years ago in AIX 0 Future consideration

Resource based constrained delegation

We would like to have "Resource based constrained delegation" in the next Java release. As per support case TS006005382, it was suppose to be in 8u301 but it's not.
almost 3 years ago in AIX 2 Future consideration

AIX IPsec SHA2_512 Hash support

Since the IKE Hash functions actually produce a value half the length of the bit strength, AIX_VPN>IKEProtection>IKETransform>IKE_Hash="SHA2_256" does not meet our corporate security policy. Please see here (
over 1 year ago in AIX 0 Future consideration

display the progress of the installation of the ifix during the LKU process.

We are implementing live updates for our AIX environment, during testing we noticed that there is no logging or a way to monitor the progress of the ifix install process during live updates. See case TS002203127, we could not see why the live upda...
about 5 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

AIX on Docker Container

To create a Docker container for AIX, like IBM has to WebSpheres, DB2 and many others products. Without AIX Docker Container we are unable to build Full Proof of Concept along with IBM Products listed above. Finally, For AIX, the PMR site has been...
almost 6 years ago in AIX 2 Not under consideration