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Hardware Management Console

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CLI interfcae to update/replace self-signed certificate

Create a way to update/replcae the self-signed certificate with a new certificate via the command line.CLI interfaces to create a CSR (certificate signing request), and then to import a new certificate.
over 6 years ago in Hardware Management Console 1 Not under consideration

HMC - Permit use of IMM for power operations and remote console

HMCs current ship with an IMM, but customers are told not to use them. We would like the IMM to be a supported feature and would additionally like the "remote control" (virtual KVM) feature to be enabled.
over 6 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Not under consideration

Option for loading new/different profile on next/unplanned IPL

HMC should provide an option, where one can select a certain profile to be loaded on next reboot (which can be triggered manually or by a system crash)
almost 7 years ago in Hardware Management Console 5 Not under consideration

Enhance VPN proxy function for HMC

1) We know the HMC does not allow the user to modify the VPN properties from PMR discussion * David Dilling & Nguyen Nguyen )2) HSBC needs to somehow route VPN traffic like this below. I used the term "VPN proxy" but really it can just be a no...
about 7 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Not under consideration

No warning for Callhome possible for vHMC products it self

vHMC version 8.8.4 and 8.8.5 Customer uses the callhome wizard in the vHMC (Virtual HMC) when installing this product.At the end of the wizard, he gets a possibility to run a test event. This event hangs for ever, as this vHMC is not allowed to do...
over 7 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Is a defect

HMC user profiles policy

Hello, I was trying to find a way to setup the user profiles on the HMC to automatically be disabled after x amount of tries with the wrong password. However, the way I understand it, the HMC's local password policy does not have this capability. ...
over 7 years ago in Hardware Management Console 4 Not under consideration

JSON Output format in HMC API fpr RestAPI

Want to have the Option to get all Output from RestAPI in JSON Format rather than XML
over 8 years ago in Hardware Management Console 3 Not under consideration

Allow mount point on HMC for iFix update selection in GUI

In the new GUI a mount point on the HMC is selectable for both POWER firmware and HMC upgrades (where access to a remote file server or local storage device is not available). However no such option is available when applying an update iFix to the...
2 days ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Submitted

Is there any option to sort the managed systems on HMC

Changing managed systems sequence on HMC
4 months ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Submitted

BMC inband local ID. User needs locked down

For 7063-CR2 HMCs, there requires a HMC-to-BMC Inband Communications Credentials to allow for periodic monitoring of hardware problem events and other management console functions .This is local user. By default, root account is used for this purp...
6 months ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Submitted