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Hardware Management Console

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HMC and MDS automation for firmware updates and status

HMC have connections to all our Power Systems and at the same time towards IBM support sites. We run a fully virtualized environment so all SEA and NPIV adapters are "dedicated" to the VIO-servers. Firmware status and updates are important and sin...
9 months ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Under review

Ability to select USB device for HMC updates in the GUI

When multiple USB devices are installed on the HMC, there appears to be no option in the GUI to select the device containing the HMC updates meaning all USB storage devices need to be removed apart from the one contating the HMC update files for t...
11 months ago in Hardware Management Console 1 Future consideration

Show Enterprise Pool 2.0 active for Power Frames in HMC GUI

Would like to see in HMC GUI Overview for Power Server if a Server is part of an Enterprise Pool 2.0 Pool
about 1 year ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Future consideration

HMC should provide Disk UDID in Topology view and REST API

When querying the "lshwres -r virtualio --rsubtype fc --level lpar -Ftopology -m <system name>" command, the virtual storage connections of the LPARs are displayed. For a storage connection via virtual FC adapters (NPIV) the parameter "-Ftop...
almost 2 years ago in Hardware Management Console 1 Planned for future release

HMC Callhome, event notifications and classifications

After setup of HMC event notifications, to see what's going on (heads up), I now get loads of mail (where many are more or less “info” / reboot HMC only solution). Example:Reporting system: itseelm-bb6095Machine type-model/serial: 7063-CR1/130NCPA...
10 months ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Under review

Add a "Run Now" option on an HMC scheduled task

As part of HMC patching it's good to take a backup before after so a recovery point is available. Where the HMC has a scheduled backup already defined it would be convenient to have a "Run now" option against the schedule entry in the GUI.
10 months ago in Hardware Management Console 1 Planned for future release

Availability to disable default BMC User (Admin privilege)

Availability to disable the default BMC User (Admin privilege) on both hardware appliance products. CR1 (admin user) CR2 (root user)
about 1 year ago in Hardware Management Console 3 Not under consideration

Enable command line activation of collecting performance data on HMC

Currently there is no way to programmatically change the data collection settings. The only way to change them is within the HMC gui. There needs to be a way to query and change them from the command line. It appears that the commands are there (l...
over 1 year ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Not under consideration

hmc ssh syslog facility

HMC ssh logging facility using syslog
about 1 year ago in Hardware Management Console 1 Future consideration

LPM Validation to check for available CPUs based on OS.

Hi team; we've seen that when you have IFL (Linux and VIOS cpus only) configured on your servers, LPM validation does not check for available AIX cpu resources on the target based on the os running lpar that you are moving. The validations takes i...
2 months ago in Hardware Management Console 0 Under review