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PowerHA for AIX

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To support MaxDB 7.9 on PowerHA 7.1 SmartAssist

Power 7.1.3 Smart Assist to configure MAX DB fails with:1) Data location errors.2) Using the wrong flag, (upper case U instead of lower case u to query maxDB status3) The smit panels do not allow insertion of the maxdb account password ( or at lea...
almost 8 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 2 Delivered

Requesting to functionality to PowerHA Smart Assist for Oracle

System: Product SmartAssist for Oracle for PowerHA Oracle not started if shared memory segments occupied by oracle are not cleared before starting Description : When the Oracle Resource Group which was created using SmartAssist for Oracle comes up...
almost 8 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 2 Delivered

POWERHA clnodename order

The clnodename command should display nodes in the order in which they are specified when the cluster is defined rather than be based on the order of the VERBOSE_LOGGING stanza in HACMPnode.
almost 8 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 2 Delivered

Applying SOD Using RBAC "Role-based access control"

Dears, I would like clarify our main targets, so please let me present it in the following points :- 1. We are applying SOD (Segregation Of Duties) on AIX environment, to separate between system admin tasks and security admin tasks (Main target), ...
almost 8 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 6 Delivered

Add possibility to adjust shutdown command on Oracle database smart assist

We have a Oracle database configured with SmartAssist for Oracle. Now we have found out that in this specific case it would be better to shutdown oracle with shutdown abort instead of shutdown immediate. I have noticed that shutdown command is inc...
about 8 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 2 Delivered

function ROHA of PowerHA needs a direct SSH connection with HMC

Hi,I follow banks in France.Function ROHA of PowerHA needs a direct SSH connection between the AIX VM and the HMC. For several customer it is not accepted by security team.
about 8 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 2 Delivered

Need option to change the priority of allocation and freeing of resources in ROHA

Current ROHA does not have a functionality to change the resource allocation priorityCurrent resource allocation order is: Unused resource of machine free pool -> Mobile CoDNeed option to change the priority to: Mobile CoD -> Unused resource...
about 8 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 2 Delivered

PowerHA 7.1.3 tiebreaker disk with PowerPath 6.1

Client has PowerHA 7.1.3 installations with PowerPath 6.1. He would like to use tiebreaker disk as split/merge policy.EMC has introduced PR_exclusive reservation in PowerPath 6.1 and EMC support says:"Support for PR_exclusive reserve_policy on EMC...
over 8 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 2 Delivered

Oracle shared listener support for PowerHa SmartAssist for Oracle database

Currently shared listeners are not supported by PowerHa SmartAssist. Currently smart assist scripts are always checking for listeners. If there would be option to say no listeners for this instance. It would help users to create group of Oracle re...
over 8 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 1 Delivered

Enlarge max. number of managable Resource Groups

The customer would like to be able to manage more than 64 RGs within a single cluster .
over 8 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 2 Delivered