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Some ideas can be implemented at IBM, while others may not fit within the development plans for the product. In either case, the team will let you know as soon as possible. In some cases, we may be able to find alternatives for ideas which cannot be implemented in a reasonable time.

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UAK align with maintenance period

On POWER8, there is UAK requested to apply after hardware warranty in 180 days. It is very annoying to customer that they need to apply 180 days to every POWER8 server by making a change request on each POWER server. Customer have upfront already ...
about 5 years ago in PowerVM 3 Not under consideration

Multiple Shared Processor Pools for each Logical Partition

Shared Processor Pools are useful for limiting the total CPU usage of a group of partitions. Partitions can be grouped by type (production and test for example), by customer, or to take advantage of subcapacity licensing.Difficulties arise when a ...
over 5 years ago in PowerVM 2 Not under consideration

Shared Ethernet Adapter Linux effects

Based on Steven Knudson TechDoc "Ethernet on POWER: Physical, Shared, Virtual" Document ID: PRS5353 with SLES11 and my own virtual ethernet performance tests with SLES12 it is not possible to hit > 23Gb/sec. (SLES12 --> hypervisor --> SLE...
over 3 years ago in PowerVM 1 Not under consideration

Checking power consumption of a server from log or via command

Checking power consumption of a server from log or via command. Currently, we have an option to check a particular server power consumption from the PDU ( if connected separately) or from the outside cables using a meter. This needs a personal vis...
over 2 years ago in PowerVM 2 Under review

Be sure a CPU a device is attached to is present in the LPAR

When a device is attached to a LPAR, there is no guarantee that the CPU this device is attached to will be part of the LPAR. This leads to device with no specific numa node, confusing script managing irqbalancing like the Mellanox one and probably...
over 3 years ago in PowerVM 1 Not under consideration

Develop health check procedure to automate validation SEA and switch VLAN trunk configuration matches

Using VLANs on Power Systems usually comes with Virtual Ethernet Adapters bridged to hypervisor switch and SEA Failover/Sharing setup.The maximum configuration can be 16 Virtual Ethernet Adapters and maximum 20 VLANS + PVID / SEA, so 336 VLANs in ...
almost 5 years ago in PowerVM 1 Not under consideration

Creating virtual ports as a way to bypass physical port level validation

Live Partition Mobility for NPIV clients requires that both (active and inactive) WWPNs for each virtual Fibre Channel adapter must have been zoned to the exact same storage port WWN on the switch/SAN and must have been defined to the storage arra...
over 3 years ago in PowerVM 0 Not under consideration


followup 131910:modinfo ibmveth filename: /lib/modules/4.12.14-95.24-default/kernel/drivers/net/ethernet/ibm/ibmveth.koversion: 1.06license: GPLdescription: IBM Power Virtual Ethernet Driverauthor: Santiago Leon <>++...
about 3 years ago in PowerVM 1 Not under consideration

Novalink appliance

Novalink has a dependency on Linux on POWER.Our firm does not use Linux on POWER and therefore introduction of a new OS platform will be a barrier to adoption of Novalink. Novalink as an appliance would remove this barrier.
over 4 years ago in PowerVM 1 Not under consideration

UAK Longer validated period

We want to have UAK validated period extended to 1 year at least. Currently implemented period of 180 days is considered too short. When system attention lamp turns on at UAK expiration, customers are forced to take reactive actions to decide if a...
over 4 years ago in PowerVM 2 Not under consideration