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My ideas: IBM i Access Family

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IBM i ACS - Run SQL scripts adding Display as Hotspots, like in 5250 Emulation

When developing SQL scripts IBM allows you to add comments. In many cases I add HTTP links as comment. Currently RSS does not recognize them as URL Hotspots. Would it not be great when adding URLs as comments that you could use them without havin...
about 2 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 3 Delivered

In Access Client Solutions "Run SQL Scripts" please make a shortcut for "Recent files" under "File"

Make it possible to access Recent files without using a lot of "Arrow down" on the keyboard or without using the mouse. Everyone trying to use shortcuts will enjoy it.
7 months ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 1 Delivered

Pre-install ACS Client on IBM i IFS for use by IBM i

As the ACS product can be run natively by IBM i, then it would be ideal if it was automatically installed in one standard place on the system by default. Use Case: Using the IBM ACS client to (acsbundle.jar) to transfer / translate a Db2 for i fil...
almost 5 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 6 Delivered

Template sessions in iACS session manager

Provide the ability to establish a template session in the iACS session manager. New display & printer sessions would be based on this template session so that a standardized (user or enterprise) set of parameters would be used. All session pa...
about 3 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 5 Delivered

ACS Change or add New Nav for i

I use ACS a lot. and I have connections to lots of partitions. It would be nice if the 'Navigator for i' could be changed to New Nav for i or Nav4i. If not can it be added to the 'Hardware Management Interface' (which could also be renamed). If so...
about 2 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 2 Delivered

SSH key passphrases/agent support in ACS

ACS only supports passwords and keys without a passphrase. It would be ideal to have SSH keys that are protected by a passphrase, but ACS doesn't support that. Furthermore, even if passphrases are supported, supporting an agent would be even bette...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 3 Delivered

Prompt for download location for IFS in iACS

Would like to have an option to present a pop up for download location, in addition to the settings currently in Preferences, when selecting a file to download from the Integrated File System (IFS) interface. Use Case: Users typically download IFS...
almost 6 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 3 Delivered

IBM i ACS Run SQL Scripts copy/paste column headings

Add the ability to copy and paste from the results including column headings.The ability to copy and paste the data from the results is very convenient. But without the column headings the data is meaningless in most cases.My workaround is to save...
over 7 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 7 Delivered

Null capable fields

When working with ACS Run SQL script we noticed that null capable fields with the value null are presented as fields containing the character "-". If a field does contain the character "-" you can not tell the difference. Use Case: We had an issue...
about 4 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 11 Delivered

ACS Copy Formatted SQL to Clipboard

SQL statements that are copied into the clipboard by Ctrl+C should preserve their formatting (color and font). The feature could be optional. Use Case: Write SQL code that you want to share with others or that is to be included in a document.
over 3 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 4 Delivered