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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against IBM Power Systems products, including IBM i. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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Implement qsys2.Http_get for blob file

I think then the new sql function for http_get are really interesting, fast and above all there isn't java! I started use it instead of systools funcion, but I need an http_get that allow me download binary files like .zip . Please implement it! M...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 10 Delivered

Add SmartDR control functions to SRDF file sets for PowerHA

Currently we have customer applications which have servers with PowerHA installed using SVC SAN storage. I am managing the migration from SVC SAN storage to EMC PMAX SAN Storage which includes a new feature called SmartDR (AKA MetroDR) fromDell-EM...
over 3 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 3 Delivered
105 VOTE

Maintenance capabilities for vNIC Failover

In order to make preparations for maintenance activities (e.g. VIOS updates) more efficient in setups with vNIC failover, it would be helpful to have a new HMC capability that allows to switch all active backing devices from a selected VIOS to the...
over 5 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Delivered
130 VOTE

SMB v2 or v3 support in AIX 7

Client wants to mount a Microsoft Windows filesystems onto AIX.In the past he used CIFS which was part of standard AIX. CIFS was based on SMB v1. The latest Windows releases not longer support v1 due to security reason.Therefore we need CIFS integ...
over 6 years ago in AIX 11 Delivered
121 VOTE

Allow use of RPG constants in embedded SQL

When a constant is defined in RPG, allow that constant to be used in embedded SQL statements so that the value of the constant does not have to be hard coded in the SQL statement. Allow the constant to be referenced as if it were a program variabl...
over 6 years ago in IBM i / Db2 for i 7 Delivered
100 VOTE

Enhance to the HMC remote restart task to allow a restart while in or after transitioning through an incomplete state

Development has completed their review and confirmed that the current remote restart design does not allow for restart after transitioning through or in an "incomplete" state until the data can be refreshed. They would like to enhance the design t...
over 5 years ago in Hardware Management Console 1 Delivered

AIX command to replace "echo cvai | kdb -script" and "echo vfcs | kdb -script"?

I often use the following commands to help me determine (very quickly) which VIOS my AIX LPAR is "connected to" (in terms of disk). "echo cvai | kdb -script" (For VSCSI) "echo vfcs | kdb -script" (For VFC NPIV) LPM is the main reason why I use thi...
almost 5 years ago in AIX 13 Delivered
126 VOTE

New built-in function %SPLIT.

The new built-in function %SPLIT can be used to extract an array of elements from a source string. Use Case: DCL-S myArray VARCHAR(255) DIM(255);DCL-S myString VARCHAR(32767) INZ('a;b;c');DCL-C MY_SEPARATOR ';'; myArray = %SPLIT(myString : MY_SEPA...
almost 7 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 20 Delivered

Additional CLI options for acsbundle.jar /PLUGIN=cfg /SYSTEM=<system>

Request for enhancement to acsbundle.jar /PLUGIN=cfg /SYSTEM=<system> Please add cli options for additional settings, so that all system configurations can be set via the CLI for scripting. In short if there is an option in the GUI it should...
about 1 year ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 4 Delivered
137 VOTE

Enhance the interface for Run SQL Script in IBM i ACS

I would like to see the Run SQL Script interface support "." dot prompting for columns with descriptions, types and length. For example when typing in a select statement the user would use an alias such as:"Select a.column from mytable a"Once the ...
over 7 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 8 Delivered