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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against IBM Power Systems products, including IBM i. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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Improvements to CSS LDAP

1) Currently if we are enabling domainless=true in LDAP for CSS, it is required user to set dist_uniqid=always. Why this can't be default behaviour or atleast giving warning to make it "dist_uniqid=always". 2) Currently when we make domainless=tru...
over 6 years ago in AIX 1 Not under consideration

Add function "MONITOR_INTERFACE" in AIX 7.2 TL4

We have to stop the multicast executed by PowerHA.The function of MONITOR_INTERFACES is deleted in AIX 7.2 TL4, there is no other way to stop the multicast.
over 3 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 2 Not under consideration

QSECOFR log in time changing after issuing STRTCPSVR

QSECOFR log in time changing after issuing STRTCPSVR Use Case: Once STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(*ADMIN) will change QSECOFR login timing.
over 6 years ago in IBM i / Security 3 Not under consideration

PowerVC need to detect and utilize existing Masking view and storage groups

When PowerVC manages AIX LPAR that was created Outside PowerVC it doesn't detect and utilize see the existing masking view and storage group on EMC VMAX storage , instead it creates new masking view and storage group when attaching new Luns , we h...
over 3 years ago in PowerVC 1 Future consideration

Ability to Change Text Color for Specific Content in LPEX Editor

Our team uses Rational Developer for i to edit large quantities of RPG, SQL and CL source. Our productivity is reduced by the lack of visual contrast in colors as the current version appears to not have a means to change the font color of If/Endif...
over 6 years ago in IBM i / RDi (Rational Developer for i) 5 Not under consideration

NIM SMIT enhancements, new UI

In AIX5.3/6.1, there was a great deal of functionality available in WebSM to manage NIM operations. Aside from it being graphical, which may appeal to some users, it was very handy in that you could select multiple targets for an operation (withou...
over 6 years ago in AIX 2 Not under consideration

Recursive program call static variables

With use of THREAD(*CONCURRENT) for "MRT" programs (recursive call'able) we are missing a new type of 'static' variables:Program level: 1) Static GLOBAL variables (Shared for ALL recursive call instances) – ok (default)2) GLOBAL variables (Unique ...
over 6 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 3 Not under consideration


1) We'll like to use another jobqueue than QBATCH (we can't overrule the QSYSJOBD jobdescription). 2) The file QAITMON should be extended with 'Current user'3) The file QAITMON should be extended with 'Accounting code'4) QAITMON/DTETIM should be a...
over 6 years ago in IBM i / Performance Tools 3 Not under consideration

Connecting to IBMi by Single Sign On (SSO)

We would like to be able connect to IBMi by Single Sign On (SSO) , in RSE prospective you can't configure the host connection properties using Kerberos and EIM. The Ibm System i Navigator is able to do this. Use Case: Right clik on Host connection...
almost 10 years ago in IBM i / RDi (Rational Developer for i) 3 Not under consideration

Allow multiple definitions in a Dcl-s statement

A very usefull future I found in other languages is multiple variable definition in one line of code: Dcl-s a b c int(10); is clearly faster and shorter than: Dcl-s a int(10);Dcl-s b int(10);Dcl-s c int(10); Use Case: nd
over 3 years ago in IBM i / Languages - RPG 1 Not under consideration