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Application Development

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Create a Get Short System Object Name from Long Name API

The QDBRTVSN API has an interesting syntax and is limited to *FILE objects and retrofitted to also work with Libraries. What is now needed is a new API that works with all Object Types and that converts both the Library and Object names from long ...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Application Development 2 Not under consideration

iACS system debugger required to use QGPL

Fail to start system debugger in iACS due to no permission to create objects in QGPL. After checked with IBM support team, *CHANGE permission required on QGPL. Unfortunately, our development environment allows to grant *USE to developer only due t...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Application Development 3 Future consideration

Implement SST or SUBSTR in RPG IV Built-in Functions

Since integration with SQL is pervasive in RPG IV, it would be beneficial (particularly with new-hires) to have RPG support consistent components with SQL.To that end, the SQL language uses SUBSTR or SUBSTRING for the Substring function, while CL ...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Application Development 3 Not under consideration

CLOB Pointers in RPG Not Working

RPG A calls RPG B, passing pointer to CLOB. RPG B receives pointer, and uses it as base for CLOB there. Both compile. Both execute with no bombs. But based CLOB in RPG B does not reflect data in CLOB in RPG A. Use Case: Program A creates a CLOB an...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / Application Development 6 Is a defect

Prepare the common OUTPUT parameter for all CL commands getting system information, *PRINT and/or *OUTFILE

Prepare the common OUTPUT parameter for all CL commands getting system information by either or both following extension.Currently there are 2 types of CL commands, *PRINT or *OUTFILE for the parameter and it is not standardized. A. Extend all CL ...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / Application Development 5 Not under consideration

Include override to location of source members when debugging programs.

At some sites, the old practice of using a temporary library for additions and changes to programs is utilized, example:- DATALIB- TEMPLIB- PRODUCTIONLIB After say 2 weeks of no issues, the objects are moved to the PRODUCTION library. Problem:When...
12 months ago in IBM i / Application Development 4 Future consideration

TLS support for iACS Graphical Debugger

The Graphical Debugger included with iACS connects to insecure port 8475 (as-rmtcmd) instead of secure port 9475 (as-rmtcmd-s) for the remote command service. I have not performed a line trace but suspect the remote debugger service running on por...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Application Development 2 Future consideration

Support *DEC and *LGL Data Areas on QXXCHGDA API

The QXXCHGDA currently supports only *CHAR data areas. While non-*CHAR data areas are rare, it would be helpful to have QXXCHGDA or perhaps a contemporary form of it (QWCCHGDA?) handle all data area types, which includes *LGL and *DEC. Use Case: L...
7 months ago in IBM i / Application Development 6 Future consideration

Enhance QGYOLOBJ to Accept multiple entries for the Object Type Parameter

The QGYOLOBJ (Open List of Objects) API currently accepts a single OBJTYPE (Ojbect Type) entry which means we can either list all the (for example) *PGM objects or *ALL objects. We need to ability to specify *PGM *SRVPGM or *CMD *PNLGRP, etc. Use ...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / Application Development 1 Future consideration

System Debugger in ACS SQL Scripts does not support SSO

In ACS "Run SQL Scripts" you can select "Run" and then "System Debugger" to debug stored procedures and functions. This option however prompts for system name, user name and password. We run SSO so user profiles have password(*NONE). This applicat...
about 2 years ago in IBM i / Application Development 3 Future consideration