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My ideas: IBM i Access Family

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ACS run SQL scripts: Export to Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML etc.

Now we got the context menu for result sets in ACS - Run SQL scripts. So now I have a new request: It will be nice if it was possible to directly export the result set show in in the grid to common used formats like Excel ( Open XML) , CSV, plain ...
almost 5 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 3 Delivered

Allow specification of custom hardware management interfaces

Many customers have their own web applications or services running on IBM i.We would like to have possibility to add custom hardware management interfaces to ACS / system configuration by using individual names which identify an application. Use C...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 4 Delivered

Allow for delete of *JRNRCV in schema with option *IGNEXITPGM

The command DLTJRNRCV has the options: *IGNINQMSG , *IGNEXITPGM and*IGNTGTRCV which you can specify when you are deleting journals. ACS => Schemas => deleting *JRNRCV does not have all these options. Use Case: Customers have problems with th...
over 3 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 5 Delivered

ACS Run SQL Scripts insert field names into statement from the results Columns screen

Create and easier way to add fields into SQL statement by selecting check boxes after the results have been returned. I believe this would be a nice efficiency gain. Use Case: Often times I find that when we don't know the data within a database f...
about 4 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 3 Delivered

Limit selecting another system to the System groups view if that is what you selected.

Working with the System Group view is a great enhancement in IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS). When using ACS Run SQL Scripts (RSS) you have the option to connect to another Database. When doing so the selection it is not limited to the databas...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 3 Delivered

Change SQL Examples to search for just tokens not sentences

My current ACS release is When I search for an example and I use words (tokens) that are in the displayed text but not in the order of the displayed text the search won't match. Make the SQL Examples use search word tokens to match to all...
over 2 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 5 Delivered

IBM i ACS Run SQL Scripts Open File Detail View

When using IBM i Access Client Solutions Run SQL Scripts application and opening a script from a PC file or IFS file, the file view always goes back to the "List View". I would like the program to remember that I was in "Details View" and also the...
about 4 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 4 Delivered

ACS: Add SSL/TLS support for Linux ODBC connections

The iACS ODBC driver for Linux does not support SSL/TLS connections. Please add SSL/TLS support to match the Windows version. Use Case: Encrypting connections to our IBM i partitions from Linux servers that use ODBC to connect to the database.
over 3 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 7 Delivered

New switch for ACS Plugin CLDOWNLOAD - Include Column Headings

Support a new switch in the CLDOWNLOAD plugin for ACS to support including column headings. Note: this feature is available within the ACS Run SQL Scripts GUI in the lower portion when saving the results, so the request is to provide the same func...
over 4 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 3 Delivered

ACS IFS component-Need Initial Load Filter to reduce files loaded per directory. Not InterActive Filter of loaded files list.

We have IFS directories with 20,000-30,000 files in them. It takes forever to download the whole list of files in the directory, which must be loaded before we can use the interactive filter to narrow down what we are looking for.At times, my netw...
over 5 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 5 Delivered