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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against IBM Power Systems products, including IBM i. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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Welcome to the IBM Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to find out additional information and details about the IBM Ideas process and statuses.

IBM Unified Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to view all of your ideas, create new ideas for any IBM product, or search for ideas across all of IBM. - Use this email to suggest enhancements to the Ideas process or request help from IBM for submitting your Ideas.


IBM i Access Family

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I want to widen the printing width of ACS

English translation of original text:The print results of ACS's Java print service appear to be clogged with lines compared to the print results of iAW.According to our survey, we received similar inquiries from multiple customers, but no correcti...
over 4 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 6 Not under consideration

change ACS configuration path names with proper encoding

ACS paths containing configuration files are stored with some special encodings, like: C:\users\<username>\Documents\IBM\iAccessClient\Settings\client.configuration\ It seems that those x0041 s...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 1 Not under consideration

IBM i Access Client Solutions - Config Output

Please consider functionality of downloading IACS System Configuration fields to Excel spreadsheet. Use Case: Asset management of live LPARs and their corresponding hardware, software and HMC/FSM/IVM managed devices.
over 6 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 4 Not under consideration

ACS Schema Browser - Add easier temporal table activation GUI options

Add a right click option to tables in ACS Schema Explorer to activate temporal tables on a table. Or add option within the table / column creation windows to specify temporal table options. Use Case: Faster development, more feature rich UI
over 6 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 2 Not under consideration

Print size Hard Copy AS400 A5 instead of A4

Since using the new Java i Access Client, users are reporting that the hardcopy prints the page as A5 instead of A4. In the old version you could print with the standard settings without margins. Thank you Use Case: We are deploying Windows 10 at ...
over 6 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 4 Not under consideration

ACS Monochrome

I wish to see Access Client Solutions (ACS) to have an option to display 5250 as monochrome instead of colors. Make reversed colors into black background and white font. Simlar to monochrome twinax monitor of old days. High Contrast would be appre...
over 6 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 3 Not under consideration

ACS plugins need to stop grabbing the ALT key when user ALT-TABs to an ACS plugin

Stop grabbing the ALT key activity when user presses ALT-TAB and then activating the menus. Use Case: On Windows platforms user press ALT-TAB, one to many times, to cycle through a list of open programs. The users then releases the ALT-TAB keys wh...
over 6 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 2 Is a defect

Solution to input Chinese character in Win 10 to Power System I

Due to the limitation of IBM emulator as Client Access (PC, i Access for Web, ACS) running in Win 10 (which provide only Unicode Chinese Input Method), we cannot input those chinese character that contains more than 2 bytes through those Client Ac...
almost 5 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 2 Not under consideration

ACS Run SQL Scripts in separate process/thread

After launching Run SQL Scripts from a 5250 session, running a long query blocks not only the Run SQL Scripts query and result windows, but also the 5250 windows. Ideally this would run in a separate process or thread so that the 5250 sessions (mu...
almost 7 years ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 1 Is a defect

A "copy special" option within Run SQL Scripts which will copy your selection as a single line

This would be useful for copying a query from Run SQL Scripts and pasting into a CL program RUNSQLSTM command for example. The query formatting in Run SQL Scripts is very useful for working with the query, but sometimes we need to condense the que...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / IBM i Access Family 1 Future consideration