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My ideas: PowerVC

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PowerVC - Image import/export should use POWER compression engine

In a hybrid cloud world more and more images (OVAs) will be created and exchanged between multiple PowerVC instances or with a public cloud.As the compression of this large images takes some time, it would be good to shorten the time by using the ...
over 3 years ago in PowerVC 2 Delivered

PowerVC - Customize the LPAR name, LUN's names and Storage Zoning names.

We have PowerVC setup to do storage provisioning and the PowerVC created LPAR, LUN's and Zoning names are currently not set as per our company standards.
almost 8 years ago in PowerVC 7 Delivered

PowerVC-Zoing policy for multipe storages connected to VM-Challenges with current zoning policy

PowerVC is being deployed in a leading Bank in India. Customer wants to have zoning policy where in powervc should zone only targets of individual storages with initiator/initatorvfc instead of multiple storages zoned together in one zone.current ...
about 5 years ago in PowerVC 4 Delivered

add restart with dump feature from PowerVC

It is possible to start and stop LPARs from PowerVC. But this feature allows only "graceful" shutdown of system. It doesn't allow both hard shutdown/reboot or shutdown with dump.
over 3 years ago in PowerVC 2 Delivered

Add a column for "Volume ID" when looking at Host Volumes, Data Volumes, and Boot Volumes

It will help us in determining when reclaiming disks as AIX "hdisks" do not translate to the volume name in PowerVC. This is a tedious process when finding a volume to delete when there are hundreds of volumes provisioned. If we see a "Volume ID" ...
over 1 year ago in PowerVC 1 Delivered

Need DRP/FlashCore compress volume support

My customer has FS9110 and V5030E connected to Power E880 and E950. Both Power Systems are managed by PowerVC. But PowerVC cannot create FlashCore compressed volume on FS9100.Also, PowerVC cannot create a compress volume in DRP pool of V5030E.SVC ...
about 4 years ago in PowerVC 3 Delivered

Ability to change storage connectivity group of an existing VM

Hi, I raised TS001364504, to ask how to change the storage connectivity group of an existing VM in PowerVC. The answer came back that this is not possible, the storage connectivity group can only be set on the creation of a new VM. Hence raising t...
over 5 years ago in PowerVC 2 Delivered

vNIC backend deployment control

Todays networking standard on IBM PowerVM is moving towards the use of vNIC but today we lack the support to control how the SR-IOV and vNIC infrastructure is deployed using PowerVC. Today we have deployed 2 pair of VIO (4 vios) server where each ...
almost 4 years ago in PowerVC 3 Delivered

Deploy VM with exsisting LUN by PowerVC

When deploying new VM with PowerVC, new volumes for boot/data are created. But in some cases, customer would like to deploy new VM on existing volumes, but this is now allowed by today's PowerVC as far as I know.So, I request a function to deploy ...
over 5 years ago in PowerVC 2 Delivered

Need description field in Storage Template

In PowerVC there is no field for adding a description for a storage template e.g. Quality desciptorc etc.
almost 5 years ago in PowerVC 2 Delivered