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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against IBM Power Systems products, including IBM i. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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Welcome to the IBM Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to find out additional information and details about the IBM Ideas process and statuses.

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pptrim: trim unused PP and unmap them on thin provisioned LUNs

When a Logicial Volume is removed from a Volume Group, the extents on the thin provisioned LUNs are not reclaimed.pptrim is a command that could be used on one or all Physical Volumes of a Volume Group to reclaim their space on the SAN using the V...
almost 9 years ago in AIX 2 Delivered

fstrim: trim unused fs blocks on a thin provisioned LUNs

When a huge file is removed from a Filesystem , the extents on the thin provisioned LUNs are not reclaimed.fstrim is a command that could be used on a Filesystem or all FS of a Volume Group to reclaim their space on the SAN using the VSCSI UNMAP c...
almost 9 years ago in AIX 2 Delivered

PowerVC: deployer can create a collocation rule

A user in the deployer group is unable to create a collocation rule.
almost 9 years ago in PowerVC 2 Delivered

VIOS Shared Storage Pool LU Rename

LU renameSuch an obvious missing basic function it can hardly be called an enhancement.I suggest: lu -modify -lu oldname -attr LU_NAME=newnamelu -modify -luudid oldhexA -attr LU_NAME=newhexB
almost 9 years ago in PowerVM VIOS 6 Delivered

Update pconsole LWI version

This is opened on behalf of a customer. There is a long history of notes with David Clissold, Rachel Anitha, and others. The bottom line is we need to update the LWI that pconsole uses to be current. The reasons are:- to address POODLE- to fix a C...
about 9 years ago in AIX 2 Delivered

Check for Alt_disk mounted prior to rebooting onto the new disk

During a upgrade process using alt_disk, if you wake up the alt_disk to checkout things but forgot to alt_rootvg_op -S altinst_rootvg and reboot on to the new disk - run the risk of corrupting everything (both rootvg disks).
about 9 years ago in AIX 3 Delivered

halt on merge in single site cluster

Customer expected merge functionality in PowerHA 7.1 version like in old version 6.1. Currently in single site cluster all hosts live after merge causing split-brain. In order to avoid split-brain secondary node should have been halted.
about 9 years ago in PowerHA for AIX 2 Delivered

Useless RBAC syslog messages in AIX 7.1

Enhanced RBAC is activated by default in AIX 7.1Even when no additional configuration is made, any use of a "privileged" command is logged to syslog. Those privileged commands include "read only" commands like lspv or lsvg.This does not make any s...
about 9 years ago in AIX 9 Delivered

First TCP/IP Retransmission time too long(1.5 seconds or so)

[ Request ]Customer want to shorten the initial TCP/IP retransmission timeout (currently 1500 msec) of AIX since response performance is important their financial trading system. In PMR 76617,695,760, we have confirmed that current initial TCP/IP ...
about 9 years ago in AIX 3 Delivered

Install script for aso should test / make log directory instead of failing

Update to AIX 7100-03-05-1524 is failed, when U865828.bff (bos.aso) install script tries to touch a file in /var/log/aso when that aso sub-directory is not. Script should test first and/or mkdir (its own) logging directory rather than fail the who...
about 9 years ago in AIX 3 Delivered