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Status Not under consideration
Workspace IBM i
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 16, 2018

Enhance CL/ILE CALLPRC command to support External Programs

Via prototype and the EXTPGM keyword, RPG/ILE is able to invoke external programs using the CALLP op code. This has several advantages over the RPG CALL op code and I would like to be able to use at least one of those advantages in CL/ILE programming. That advantage is the use of the *OMIT special value in the parameter list.

CL/ILE and the CALLPRC command are analogous to the RPG/ILE CALLP op code except that CALLPRC cannot invoke external programs -- even though CALLPRC also supports the *OMIT special value in its parameter list. It seems to me that it would be a relatively simple matter to enhance the CALLPRC command to include the ability to invoke external programs.

Use Case:

In lieu of creating prototype support for CL/ILE, additional parameters can be added to the CALLPRC command to support prototype-like features where they make sense. For example:

CALLPRC ... EXTPGM(*YES) /* mutually exclusive of the RTNVAR +
parm and with a default of *NO for backward compatibility */

-- or --

CALLPRC ... EXTPGM(name) /* mutually exclusive of the RTNVAR +
parm and with a default of *NONE for backward compatibility */

Idea priority High
  • Guest
    May 6, 2020

    Since RPG have no plan to provide ways to call CL directly from RPG, close this RFE. If the customer want the original feature, "Enhance CL/ILE CALL command to support *OMIT special value like CALLPRC command", please open another RFE, thanks.

  • Guest
    Dec 19, 2018

    Even if RPG did have support to call CL commands directly, I don't think it would address the requirement. I don't think CL programmers would want to have to do some of their code in RPG to get additional functionality.

    Note that is very unlikely that RPG would support directly calling CL commands using CL syntax.

  • Guest
    Dec 13, 2018

    We may be able to support "CALL PGM ('x' *OMIT 'y')", but need more consideration and evaluation about calling CL commands from RPG using the /CL syntax.

  • Guest
    Apr 10, 2018

    We are getting to a point that everyting in the RPG laguage we would like in CL.

    And everything in CL to have in RPG. We have already FREE format RPG, like CL.

    Why not unite both languages together, it will save maintenance, learning curve. No need to write a separate CL program for just 3-4 lines of code.

    Just add the ability to run CL commands directly from within RPG.

    The syntax will be similar to running SQL commands:



  • Guest
    Mar 19, 2018

    It was suggested to me that it might be better to ask that the CL/ILE CALL command support the *OMIT keyword for parameters. They suggested that it was nicer to code:

    CALL PGM ('x' *OMIT 'y')



    I am in favor of either approach.