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Hardware Management Console

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DLPAR for FC adapters in VIOS should be possible

HMC Enhanced+ GUI automates the process of managing client FC adapters. I only have to create adapter on client side - and HMC automatically creates adapter on VIOS side, maps to correct physical adapter. On VIOS side the only way to manage virtua...
almost 6 years ago in Hardware Management Console 4 Delivered

HMC not showing phys MAC adresses of SR-IOV shared network cards

In the latest releases of HMC it is not possible to list/show the phys mac adresses of network cards that are SR-IOV capable and in shared mode.
over 4 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Delivered

Cert Utility on HMC

Instead of managing Certificate CSR creation and CERT import through GUI , it would be great if we have CLI to do.
over 5 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Delivered

LDAP and multiple base DN support

We configure our HMC's with LDAP integration for user management. With users in various regions around the world, and how our LDAP OU's are configured, the scope has to be set to sub, and very high up in the OU tree. This results in a login delay ...
over 6 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Delivered

CLI Import for Certificates

System: Supported pSeries HMC Code VersionsActor: AIX/HMC SAs Description: HMC code by default uses self-signed certificates. In this day and age of exploiting weaknesses, businesses are blocking self-signed certs via the browser. Yet certificates...
almost 7 years ago in Hardware Management Console 3 Delivered

HMC awareness of own hardware issues

The HMC appears to have limited or no ability to monitor its own hardware status. It would be very useful for it to alert upon PSU/HD/fan failure etc on the HMC hardware and raise a serviceable event so the administrator can manage the problem as ...
about 3 years ago in Hardware Management Console 6 Delivered

HMC - Check network setting before checking for system LIC upgrades

when checking for Power server LIC upgrades, HMC reported "No updates available on IBM Service web site". As we upgraded a different server on an other HMC there was some confusion.After some checking we found the HMC DNS/IP routing settings were ...
about 4 years ago in Hardware Management Console 5 Delivered

Provide a means to discover NTP status

There are means to configure the HMC to sync to external NTP time servers, but there is no way to demonstrate that the HMC NTP configuration was actually successful. There are some NTP messages logged to /var/log/messages, but those logs are insuf...
about 7 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Delivered

HMC: Add functions to "Enhanced +" view currently only available in "Classic" view.

Trying to do dynamic lpar and create a new virtual scsi adapter and there is no such option in the Enhanced View.IBM says the wave of the future is command line and no one uses GUI.I beg to differ.<snip>HMC ENHANCED+ GUI When using the enhan...
about 7 years ago in Hardware Management Console 3 Delivered

Manual vNIC failover via HMC CLI

We'd like to ability to do manual vNIC failovers via the HMC CLI as this is our preferred means of performing scheduled maintenance on our POWER systems.
about 3 years ago in Hardware Management Console 3 Delivered