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Hardware Management Console

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105 VOTE

Maintenance capabilities for vNIC Failover

In order to make preparations for maintenance activities (e.g. VIOS updates) more efficient in setups with vNIC failover, it would be helpful to have a new HMC capability that allows to switch all active backing devices from a selected VIOS to the...
over 4 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Delivered
100 VOTE

Enhance to the HMC remote restart task to allow a restart while in or after transitioning through an incomplete state

Development has completed their review and confirmed that the current remote restart design does not allow for restart after transitioning through or in an "incomplete" state until the data can be refreshed. They would like to enhance the design t...
over 4 years ago in Hardware Management Console 1 Delivered

HMC should provide Disk UDID in Topology view and REST API

When querying the "lshwres -r virtualio --rsubtype fc --level lpar -Ftopology -m <system name>" command, the virtual storage connections of the LPARs are displayed. For a storage connection via virtual FC adapters (NPIV) the parameter "-Ftop...
about 3 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Delivered

To be able to specify the destination vios in the commands rrstartlpar and migrlpar

To be able to specify the destination vios in the commands rrstartlpar and migrlpar, since, if in a same Power there are more than 1 pair of vios, these commands verify if the vlan's of the partition can be configured in all the vios servers and g...
about 4 years ago in Hardware Management Console 4 Delivered

HMC to send updates on RMC state

Tools like PowerVC poll the HMC on RMC state changes for VMs. With that it takes some time until PowerVC notices that the RMC state for a VM is okay. A different way would be if the the HMC can send RMC updates to tools like PowerVC.
almost 3 years ago in Hardware Management Console 3 Delivered

power supplies status check

We need a way to determine power supplies status for IBM Power Systems Server deployed with PowerVM and HMC in a remote data-centre. Just like HP iLO or old IBM's IMM (Integrated Managemnt Module for x86 server) displays a red or green icon per po...
almost 5 years ago in Hardware Management Console 6 Delivered

"Create Command-line"/"Schedule Operations" for VIOS backup/restore tasks via HMC

I want to utilize the new VIOS backup/restore option in the HMC. However, it currently only supports this via the GUI - I would like a way to schedule this operation and/or run a command-line command to do this so I can automate these tasks. From ...
over 2 years ago in Hardware Management Console 5 Delivered

HMC UI Console Events Log should provid a search function

In the HMC GUI, there is the Console Events Log under the Serviceability menu. Unfortunately there is no possibility to search for a term. Especially with connected software components like PowerVC the log is to big and cannot be searched manually...
about 5 years ago in Hardware Management Console 2 Delivered

HMC Enhanced UI lacking client slot ID option for vFC adapters

The enhanced UI in the HMC is lacking the ability to choose a slot id for the client vFC adapter and forces the next available slot id on the client LPAR which may vary from LPAR to LPAR. This is not the case with the classic UI where you have ful...
over 6 years ago in Hardware Management Console 4 Delivered

Create button in HMC to receive VIOS snap

In HMC it would be nice to have a menu entry for creating a snap for VIO Servers.These snaps are usually only needed for IBM support cases. It should be possible by one click to create and store or email a snap from VIOS.
over 3 years ago in Hardware Management Console 3 Delivered