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Needing a search engine for BRMS history with Heritage BRMS not available in future

With removal of the Heritage BRMS, restores of IFS items are difficult when needing to do a search with the system UIM limitations on the green screen to find files if directory has more then 49917 files in it. Heritage BRMS had function for histo...
about 1 month ago in IBM i / BRMS 3 Future consideration

BRMS Recovery

If backup policy is based on Full (i.e. Sunday) and Incrementals during the week, when restore happens, all files, members and IFS objects that have been deleted during the week will be also restored. BRMS should keep track of the objects in place...
2 months ago in IBM i / BRMS 4 Not under consideration

Add support for OEM Virtual Tape Libraries in IBM BRMS Statistics Report (GO BRMS Option 12,5)

Add support for OEM Virtual Tape Libraries in IBM BRMS Statistics report (GO BRMS Option 12,5) The “Bytes Written” column is all zeroes for virtual tape volumes We have no way to audit how much data was written to our OEM Virtual Tape Library volu...
3 months ago in IBM i / BRMS 2 Is a defect

In addition to adopting authority to access data BRMS should swap user profiles too.

IBM i 7.5 killed some BRMS functions we were using by changing the *PUBLIC authority to data from *USE to *EXCLUDE. You may think this is a security enhancement but it isn't. Now instead of users only being able to see data we have to add QBRMS as...
6 months ago in IBM i / BRMS 8 Not under consideration


According to the only way to encrypt tape backups without *KLM is to use software encryption.SW encryption is OK, but it uses precious CPU time and usually prolongs...
12 months ago in IBM i / BRMS 3 Not under consideration

Display complete BRMS log with DSPLOGBRM

The BRMS log was truncated when used command DSPLOGBRM on green screen, any chance that can get the complete BRMS log. Use Case: The BRMS log was truncated when used command DSPLOGBRM on green screen, any chance that can get the complete BRMS log.
over 1 year ago in IBM i / BRMS 5 Not under consideration

Provide enhancement to BRMS that will allow restoration of *ALLUSR which can be submitted to batch

I am requesting an enhancement to BRMS which will provide the ability to perform restore operations in batch with STRRCYBRM using the control group specified from a STRBKUBRM. After implementing PowerHA with iASP, we have to keep 12 servers SYSBAS...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / BRMS 6 Future consideration

No option output to Print when restore using BRMS (WRKMEDBRM)

When restoration are run using WRKMEDBRM there are no option to specify output *Print so when there are many objects not restored its difficult to check in DSPLOGBRM as no output generated to shows total restored and total not restored Use Case: S...
over 1 year ago in IBM i / BRMS 3 Future consideration

BRMS generic '*obj*' object in object-lists

Allow generic objects (and maybe libraries) in *BKU object lists. 'obj*' is allowed, but we need '*obj' as a placeholder at the beginning of the object name. Use Case: We have large file objects ending with *jr that do not need to be saved. The fi...
almost 2 years ago in IBM i / BRMS 2 Future consideration

BRMS to ignore some non-critical errors when saving spools

BRMS does stop save procedure in some cases of non-cricital errors like saving QUSRSYS with some spool files damaged. It would be preferrable to have BRMS by default ignore the errors, post more detailed information into DSPLOGBRM and continue sav...
about 2 years ago in IBM i / BRMS 5 Not under consideration