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Status Not under consideration
Workspace IBM i
Categories BRMS
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 21, 2019

RSTOBJBRM - create a complementary parameter to exclude deleted objects


Can you create a complementary parameter to exclude deleted objects.

Use Case:

Restaurer un objet via BRM (RSTOBJBRM)

Indiquez vos choix, puis appuyez sur ENTREE.

Objet . . . . . . . . . . . . . OBJ > *ALL
+ si autres valeurs
Bibliothèque . . . . . . . . . . SAVLIB > SGAGNEUX
Unité . . . . . . . . . . . . . DEV > TAPMLB01
+ si autres valeurs
Ressources d'unité parallèle: PRLRSC
Nombre minimal de ressources *SAV
Nombre maximal de ressources *MIN
Type d'objet . . . . . . . . . . OBJTYPE *ALL
+ si autres valeurs
Niveau de sauvegarde . . . . . . SAVLVL *CURRENT
Référence heure niv sauvegarde: SAVDATE
Date de sauvegarde . . . . . .
Heure de sauvegarde . . . . . *LATEST
Pool mémoire secondaire sauveg SAVASP *ANY
Option de fin de support . . . . ENDOPT > *UNLOAD

result :
Waiting for a response in the QSYSOPR message queue.

Volume sets not available on TAPMLB01 units. (C G)
   Reply . .

What to do . . . : Make one of the following volume sets available for the
   restore on TAPMLB01 units.
     Volume Game 1: 000416

==>> however, the volume is not the right !

as an object has been deleted before the last backup, the system requests the most recent cartridge on which the saved object is located.

but if the object has been deleted, it's for a good reason.
what I want is that BRMS does not take into account this notion of deleted objects, and that it can restore all the objects saved and present during my last backup on my most recent cartridge.

the ideal would be to add a standard parameter to the command, for example:

object deleted YES / NO

in conclusion
If YES: we stay like this
If NO: systematically restores all the objects in the library without knowing whether the object was previously deleted or not.

Idea priority High
  • Guest
    Oct 28, 2019

    The BRMS team has previously requested more clarifying information. Because the additional information was not provided within 30 days, the request has been closed.

  • Guest
    May 28, 2019

    Using the RSTOBJBRM OPTION parameter (*OLD) should still be a valid even though it requires the loading of an older volume. The parameter is used on the native RSTOBJ command that BRMS issues under the covers and it should not restore any older files that were deleted.

  • Guest
    Apr 5, 2019

    Sorry, my previous comment has not been posted ...
    I start again :

    I agree with you about the operating principle of the RSTOBJBRM.

    I need a few times, to restore all the objects for example of type * FILE, which were saved on my last backup.
    Currently with RSTOBJBRM, I can not do it, because if an object of type * FILE was not present on my last backup (because deleted, because no more need), BRMS, then asks me to mount a cartridge on which was still present this object.

    this cartridge is not good because not the last, and my * FILE type files will not be good.

    What would be necessary to solve my problem, is to add an additional parameter in the command RSTOBJBRM.

    If YES: Then the operation of BRMS remains as it is.
    If NO: Then we restore the objects (for example of type * FILE) present on my last backup (cartridge). in this case BRMS must not take into account the details of saving objects.

  • Guest
    Apr 5, 2019

    Other remark:

    It would be nice to add a parameter in your RSTLIBBRM command, in order to be able to select the type of object to restore (* FILE, * DTAARA, etc ...)

    RSTLIB allows it.

  • Guest
    Apr 4, 2019

    When saving with object level detail and using RSTOBJBRM, the current behavior seems correct. This request does not fit well into the way RSTOBJBRM is intended to be used. For this specific backup environment since it appears to be doing full library backups and a full library restores, is saving object level detail really required and could the backup strategy be changed to fit the expected behavior. Can this be automated using RSTLIBBRM instead. It doesn't seem like there is a need to have individual object tracking.

    Please comment to this RFE to let us know if this recommendation is sufficient for your Use Case. If so, we will consider changing this to be Delivered. If not, let us know why RSTOBJBRM and object level detail tracking is required in your environment.

  • Guest
    Apr 3, 2019


    this will allow me to automate in my exploitation work the automatic delete of some specific libraries.


  • Guest
    Apr 3, 2019


    I just tried with the OPTION parameter (* OLD), and my problem remains whole.

    The work falls into MSGW, and asks for an old cassette volume.

    "000416 Cartridge not found
    Volume sets not available on TAPMLB01 units. (C G)" ?????

    ==>>my most recent volume is the 000437
    000415 0001 *ACT 28/01/19 COFFRE 14/03/19 LTO7
    000416 0002 *ACT 22/02/19 COFFRE 14/03/19 LTO7
    000404 0003 *ACT 16/03/19 TAPMLB01 *NONE LTO7
    000412 0004 *ACT 07/04/19 TAPMLB01 *NONE LTO7
    000436 0005 *ACT 27/04/19 TAPMLB01 *NONE LTO7
    ==>> 000437 0006 *ACT 03/05/19 TAPMLB01 *NONE LTO7

  • Guest
    Apr 2, 2019

    The BRMS team needs more information to further assess your Request for Enhancement. There is currently an OPTION(*OLD) parameter on RSTOBJBRM which will only restore objects that exist on the system at the time of the restore. Have you tried this using this parameter and does it meet your expectations?